Cant stop buying purses!


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Dec 1, 2006
Some one please help I cant stop buying purses I would like to find one that I can use all the time and also I want to find one I can put on my shoulders but I have very small shoulders please help!.

Welcome to the club! ;) I've always been addicted to buying bags, but now I'm more addicted to this site ever since I found it! lol The encouragements, ideas, and sugggestions you get here is unbelieveable!!!! :heart: Congrats on your addiction and tell us a bit more of what you're looking for.
Hi thanks for all of your help i feel better I am not the only one here. Well I have A lv a Dooney and a Coach and I really like all of them I really Dont want to spend over $600 on another one I have to be good. so I am looking for something not to big but that I can throw over my shoulder and have it not come off. I have not very wide shoulers so anything with a wide strap drives me crazy. THanks Jamie
Welcome, now you are here you will find you will spend more than ever on bags thats what happens to people who join the PF, so do not fight it ....just enjoy,
It may help you and the others suggesting bags for you if you had measurements of the strap drop that would suit you best.

For example, the bag I am considering fits me well on my shoulder. Approx. 17"L x 5"W x 8-1/2"H with 9"L strap drop. 9" drop is enough space for my shoulder with or without winter clothes. I prefer bags on the bigger size. The bottom of the bag (8.5*9=17.5 down from top of shoulder) fits right in the crook of my waist/curve thing. but it would probably still fit if it were an inch or so shorter/taller. I like the feel of a bag right under my arm. so it being 5 inches wide is not too wide or small.

to approximate all this, it may help you to take any cloth bag that you don't care about, maybe you got it for free at some function. For some odd reason door prizes/gift bags seem to be cloth bags that last briefly.

anyway take this bag pin the straps up, measure. fill the bag with balled up paper, measure to see your comfort level at maybe the 1/2 way mark. keep playing with it to see the size and shape that's most comfortable for you.
Jamie, there's a really cute classic Prada for $450, very light (microfiber), shoulder bag, medium size but fits alot 'cause it expands, and it comes in brown or black. Its the kind that will never go out of style.
Also, Kathy VanZeeland makes some adorable bags, also very light, but large...........under $100, at Macy's, Dillards.
and............asking the forum to help you with your addiction is like asking Santa Claus not to be jolly! Ho ho ho hah!!
;) :yahoo:
Hey, if you find a remedy for purse addiction, please, PLEASE fill me in. I wish I could go back to the days when I liked my $20 and $30 purses. Now, I'm addicted to Spy bags! If you don't already have one, I'd like to recommend that! The Spy bag. It's so roomy, you can put everything and anything in it. It can go on the shoulder. With a coat on, it can be a bit of a challenge, but if you have small shoulders, you might not have a problem. I'm 5'7"/size 14 and I can get it on my shoulder with my parka on so you should be okay. Good luck, whatever you decide on.