Can't stop, addicted to the Day bag. Should i keep this?

  1. Hi Girlies
    I found this Blue Gray Day at my NM yesterday (i should really stop working there).:nuts: The leather is awsome.:drool: It is smooth and thick. :drool: They also have the French Blue in the Day style. I ended up with the Blue Gray but i need every one's opinion, should i keep this? or should i get the French Blue?:shrugs: Thanks and big hugs to every one.:heart:
    IMG_2231 (2).JPG IMG_2237 (2).JPG IMG_2239 (2).JPG
  2. I prefer Blue India/Blue Gray ...especially in the Day Style :smile:
    You should keep this baby :smile:
  3. oohh that is a pretty day! both colors are stunning. the blue gray is more versatile, but if you love bright colors...i say go for the french blue! let us know what you decide.

    just wanted to add: the leather looks scrumptious!
  4. oooo, pretty Nanaz! congrats on your Blue India!! I just got a BI WE and love, love, love the color!!!:drool:

    The French Blue is also really pretty!! :tender:

    tough call - both are gorgeous colors - guess it comes down to what you like and what fits with your wardrobe!!:wlae:
  5. Nanz

    That Blue India is stunning. The leather looks amazing and that colour is so lovely for Spring/Summer....

    :love: :love: :love:
  6. I say for the day bag, keep the blue india! It is gorgeous and you are right about the leather-- it really looks TDF!!!
  7. Keep the BI. It's a gorgeous color and especially for spring and summer. French blue is really bright and harder to match, more of a winter color in my opinion. Plus BI's are going to be getting hard to find, French blue will be coming in for a while.
  8. That is a lush color! Keep the one you have. As much as I love French Blue...that Blue Grey is really beautiful.
  9. Nanaz, I LOVE your BI Day! I like the BI better! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  10. Keep it! It is :drool:! Very versatile and getting harder to find.
  11. I would definitely keep the BI that you have there. The colour is just more...demure.
  12. I saw a blue india day at NM in Denver, and it was BY FAR the most lovely of all the days I saw there. But yours looks even better than the one I saw, with much thicker, smooshier, yummier leather. :drool: Keep it, Nanazy!:yes:
  13. Blue india is much easier to match than french blue, and this one has great leather, so unless you find one in french blue with a leather that's exceptionally softer I would keep it.
  14. Keep it's beautiful!
  15. Blue india for me ... I like the subtlety of the color