Cant stay away from I alone??


Mar 12, 2012
My father bought me my first Louis Vuitton when I was 17 on my first trip to NY City [cabas piano] and since then I’ve been obsessed with the brand! I was into coach in my teens but once I transferred to Louis Vuitton I’ve never been able to depart from it. I’ve owned at least 10 coach bags, all of which I’ve sold to fund other Louis bags in my early 20’s. I’ve dabbled in Burberry, owning 4 bags…only to sell them again. I’ve tried to change up my bag collection more times than I dare count, but I always end up selling my bags or returning them so that I can get a Louis Vuitton instead. I love the quality of their bags and that they never really go out of style [at least to me] but lately with the newer bags coming out not being AS great as the older bags made by lv [quality wise] , I’ve really wanted to branch out to different bags and brands. The problem is …I can’t….don’t know why!!! Lol its like their leather and canvas has an addictive sent to it that keeps me coming back!!!! Even if I do purchase anything it would never have a place in my heart like lv does….which is why I think I might be little nuts!!! Am I alone here?! Please tell me I’m not!!!

this forum doesn’t help my addiction lol


May 10, 2012
Jakarta, Indonesia
no, you're not alone. i am also have some coach bags, longchamp, michael kors and burberry which now i put to sale since i never use them anymore once i know LV and addicted to it. whenever i go, one of my LV is coming with me. :smile: i am on banned now, and saving for my next lv purchases next year:cool:


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Aug 15, 2012
USA :o)
I've been debating whether or not I want to sell my Coach bags. Part of me says, wellll I MIGHT want to carry that bag. But the other part of me says, I don't think I could ever carry a non-LV bag lol. I went into Coach over Christmas break and looked at their red patent leather bags. Although very beautiful, I'd rather have a pomme LV bag, even though it was like a thousand+ dollars cheaper!


Nov 21, 2012
hmm.. i am not addicted to any particular brands, just certain bags and they are from various brands...

the only thing i am lusting from LV is a sarah wallet in mono but i would like a splash of colour so still deciding....

i love LV for its durability in certain bags/wallets but love other brands too :P

you wouldn't consider a chanel flap??


Sep 12, 2011
Ventura County
I feel you and i understand where your comming from although part of me still "loves" having my non LV bags for travel or certain occassions around certain people. Like just recently i got a Mk version of the totally and i cant say enough good things about it an BJtaylors Videos Enabled me more to get that bag LOL. But i like to have as a alternative. Although i wish i had "guts" to just stick to my LV and thats it but im a mom with 4 kids and i need alternatives sometimes. I love all my bags equally and love changing them out so they all get used. Although ive still yet to change out my MK bag and this is week 2 already with it:graucho:


Mar 27, 2006
Not where I'd like to be
I'm not into the brand as I used to be. I have added a few of Tod's bags as well as a couple of Bottega Veneta's beautiful woven bags to add variety. Nowadays I'm more interested in certain styles than an entire brand.


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Jan 11, 2010
The Great Lakes...
Your not alone. I have one Celine and one Tods handbag. Carried only on occasions where I don't want to come across a certain way. These 2 brands are not as popular where I live. It's funny that both these bags cost more than my LV's but, no one knows :giggles: Getting back on topic. I bought a Tods Miky bag for Christmas and returned it for another LV bag. It just didn't make my heart sing like LV does. Although, with this quality issue and those ugly tags. :throwup: My heart may stop singing...


Dec 29, 2012
I completely understand. Although I'm new to Louis Vuitton, I've always had a handbag addiction. But now that I've gotten my first Louis Vuitton piece, I feel like nothing compares. And I didn't even experience the brand before it's quality decline!

I've given almost all my Coach bags away (some were purchased when they were very good quality). I don't feel like carrying any of my other bags now.

There is something about how they smell... seriously. For the canvas line, I believe it's the linseed oil and the vachetta, it just smells heavenly!


Mar 9, 2012
I had that feeling for 2 years. I bought a lot of LV bags, scarves and wallets. And I still am very proud off my collection. But it's as if my eyes are opened for other brands now. I recently bought two Chloe Marcies and I think they are just as pretty as my LV's. And the new Burberry bags are gorgeous. I think that you have to think carefully before selling any bag. It looks like your taste changes with the time. Mine does.


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Nov 18, 2009
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*~*You are not alone!! I only have one LV, which is my DE Speedy 35 (it's the only one my :heart: desires), but I loooove their slg's!! I carry mostly Rebecca Minkoff, but everything inside is LV!! I even bought an LV charm to decorate my RM with! Lol*~*


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Jan 3, 2008
DH me my first bag when I turned 30 (Cabas Piano same as you!). That was 8 years ago and I've been hooked ever since. I buy nothing else. I sold all of my Coach in that first year to fund more LV. I'm not into jewelry, don't spend tons on shoes or clothes, so LV is where my "fun money" goes!!


May 14, 2012
Los Angeles
I'm like you. I sold all coach, MK and Gucci that I used to own. I love my lightweight LV canvas bags but can also diversify with beautiful Epi leather.


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Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
Definitely get you. Nothing quite does it for me like LV. I do have other bags in my collection and I love them, but whenever I buy a bag that is not LV I always think about what I could be getting from LV instead!


Dec 15, 2012
Hi there. I purchased my first LVs on December 18th and I love them. I never knew I could love a handbag as much as I love these. I agree with a previous poster about the wonderful scent- I didn't know they used linseed oil. I have six Coach bags that I purchased and I enjoy them, too, and am still planning to use them. I know that there will be certain times and occasions when I will leave my LVs at home, like when I go to the laundromat, or if the weather is wet as I wouldn't want to ruin the vachetta.
As for becoming a LV-only woman, only time will tell. I plan to purchase some LV luggage, at least one suitcase and a weekend bag, plus I plan to purchase a Chanel bag this year, and am hoping for a Lady Dior. I am taking special measures to cut out unnecessary expenses to save up for these. ;)
I'm confused about the purse forum rules, though. I've been a member since around the 14th of December or so, have posted replies many times, but when I logged in today it states that I may not start new threads, that I have to contribute so many posts, and that I have to be a member for at least 5 days, which I clearly have been. I haven't broken any rules that I know of, so I don't understand what's going on. HELP!:nuts: