Cant start a new thread

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  1. Hi I am all new here so have some patience with me.

    I seemes not to got the button: start a new thread when I am in the Authenticate Chanel forum. Only Reply button

    What am I missing?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Hi, do you see "Start A New Thread" button in other forums?

    For questions about authenticating Chanel there is only one thread and all questions goes into the same thread as replies.

    Is this ok?
  3. Yes I do in others but not in the one I want to start a new thread in.
  4. I think the difference you see is how the forums are set up, for example starting new thread is disabled in some reference libraries.
  5. Thank you very much for try helping me .

    I go to search and there authenticate Chanel click on go

    Next I come to first post by Svanky Mama... above her message it says
    Post A Reply page 1 of 570 ..........
  6. Hi I think I get it now.

    I go to Forums and there Chanel . When I did that I saw Start A New Thread button. Is this the one I should use if I want to ask about a bag I want to buy?
  7. Go to the thread, the only option is to post a reply. They will answer after some hours.

    You could also scroll to the bottom of the page to the reply box.
  8. It seems that I cannot start a new thread. I have been on here for 10 days and I have over 10 posts. Please activate as soon as possible? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I think you'll be able to start threads tomorrow and the activation is done automatically.