Can't stand waiting after making a purchase

  1. I can't stand waiting for even so much as an e-mail reply after purchasing something off eBay. I bought a bag off eBay and I can tell this girl thinks she's going to reply to my heads up that I've paid and won and all that in like 3 days from now. Yeah, not happening. Get off your ass and pack that ***** up. I can't stand it when people do that. They reply days later then ship days later from that.

    I know people get busy but... don't care. I always ship the same day or next day if it's late and I'm never around because of college. So I guess that's why it bothers me.

    Doesn't this bother anyone else tremendously when it happens? I've sent 2 e-mails now.
  2. Oh yezzzzzzzz!!!! It also makes me mad... I had to email a seller to even ask whether he received the payment... which he did.. and then nothing again. I understand they are busy... but cannot help but writing to them asking if the item was shipped or forgotten or...? pfffffffffffff.

    I guess it works for the sellers, they still get their green positive feedback.. so why bother? :rant:
  3. yes, that really bothers me too. i pay as soon as i get the paypal invoice and i expect to hear from the seller as quickly as i paid. when i have sold things, i contact the buyer immediately. "good communication" is very important to me when reading feedback. i also remark on it in my feedback.
  4. Me neither... I just want the product immediately!
  5. Same here! I always ask sellers to email me once an item has been shipped and a number of them forget to, and worse...some of them ship the item out 4 or more days afterwards (it's not like I can't tell from reading the shipping date on the package when I finally receive the parcel).

    Yeah, people "are busy" but when you sell something you have to start performing customer service don't go to a store, take something to the cashier, and then wait hours for the cashier to come and ring it in because she's busy with her own life.
  6. It's such a pain-- I'm STILL waiting for any kind of contact returned from the seller after 2 E-Mails and 1 eBay message (one per day-- this is the third day since winning)

    I got an invoice but I think that was automated because it was right after having won and it wasn't like an eBay message (from eBay, but not the way messages sent through eBay are formatted)
  7. Adore, who's the person that got scammed in this subforum, and who scammed them? :confused1:
  8. I see you edited your comment about the person getting scammed. But I'm still interested to know who it is.
  9. Have you tried the buyer contact page, there should be a telephone number for them.
  10. I don't know where to find the number, but that would probably be a last resort anyway.

    What's the longest time anyone's ever waited? 72 hours is probably how long I ever have, and it's close to exceeding that now. I hate this. I got an invoice and information on their FAQ states 10 business days for the item to arrive. TEN. But they never respond or sent me an actual message. The invoice was basically pre-recorded.
  11. Have yo paid yet?
  12. Yes, I paid as soon as I won, and checked my PayPal account and it's all set; they have the money.
  13. Adore, you totally cracked me up..."Get off your ass and pack that ***** up"
    I feel your pain, agree 100%! Once those sellers get their money they're not always in a big fat hurry at that point. Why can't they just send a quick email? I appreciate so much communication as a buyer and seller on ebay.

    Good luck, I say email till you get a response.
    By the way, ya, I always pay right away too and I think it's totally rude when you pay immediately and don't get any sort of response let alone your item shipped right away.
  14. If a seller on ebay has auctions going, shouldn't sending a message thru my ebay be good enough? Also since that same message gets forwarded to their own actual email account.