Can't stand the spring collection

  1. As you can see by may name, I'm a gucci fan. However, this new spring line is not impressive to say the least. I just got off the gucci website. Is that all there is to the spring line or will they be coming out with more? It was incredibly small and uninspiring. Did anyone else feel the same way? I'm so depressed!:crybaby:
  2. :wlae: Just called the gucci store in Dallas. They did say they would have more styles come out later.
  3. I'm not a fan so far either.....hoping for something that really WOWS me later.

  4. In the new Instyle mag they was a beautiful Gucci ad and I really liked the bags:shrugs: I will have to check the website...I have not checked it in awhile!
  5. Nop, I'm not a fan of this summer collection :sad: .
    Did you look at the shoes? they look like they're from the sixties?
    really weird! it doesn't look like gucci!
  6. yeah...they will have what i did notice were the shiny silver bags...that must be the in thing to have this season because LV has them too...