Can't stand my iPhone right about now!!

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  1. Apple has fabulous customer service ever, but it pisses me off that I'm calling them every few weeks because of issues I'm having on my iPhone!! I appreciate all the safety precautions that they put on the iPhone such as the PUK code, but seriously. Having to call them is such a hassle and it waste so much time! I've never had to contact any company as often for any of my other phones I've had! I'm about to chuck my phone outta here!! I went to my Dad's house for the first time since summer of last year, and I was going to put some music video's on my phone through his iTunes because hey, Daddy's paid for all those videos, mind as well use em too! The computer said I had some upgrading I had to do. So I did. And then it says my phone may be damaged, and I need to contact a representative. (WTF?? How did I damage it?? I've only dropped it once back in January and I haven't had any problems since then!) I called them, and the Apple computer then said I had to go through AT&T so the computer connected me. The polite lady told me I may have "Burned my Sim card." What on Earth is that?? When I asked what that means, and how it happened, she couldn't really give me an answer. Then she said I had to connect my phone to the computer onto iTunes, but because I was not near a computer at this point (already left Dad's house, no computer near by where I was) I said I'd have to call later on. She then gave me the after hours number. I called them a few minutes ago. I was on hold for 8 minutes, EIGHT WHOLE FREAKIN MINUTES! And I found out he didn't know what to do because I did connect my iPhone to iTunes and it didn't even find the phone. I now have to wait til the Apple help is open tomorrow. But I don't feel like holding all day on the phone. And I feel like when explaining things over the phone, things get lost in translations. And that they don't fully understand me, and don't really care. Getting help on the phone can sometimes can be such a waste of time and very useless! So I decided I'm going to get help at the genius bar tomorrow. But what sucks even more, is my family and nieces are coming from out of town tomorrow. And I haven't seen them since summer of last year. UGHHH. Right now I'm hating my phone!! I drive over 100 miles a day and it's so important for me to have a working phone on me in case anything happens. I feel very naked without this. May sound silly but it makes me feel very safe knowing it's by my side. :cursing:
  2. Ohhhh man that stinks. Im sorry to hear about all of your trouble. I have a few friends with iphones and they are ALL on their 3rd or 4th one. That didnt stop me though, I just got mine 2 weeks ago :thinking: No problems yet but im countin down the days!
  3. Weird my boyfriend and I both got ours the first day they came out. We've never had any problems and I've dropped my a few times. None of our friends that got them same day have had any problems so I can't imagine some people have had several. :confused1:
  4. This is my second phone. Don't get me wrong, I loooove my phone, and love the fabulous and friendly customer service I get. But I can't seem to shake the bad issues. UGHHH. I got my first one the day it came out too. Love my phone, but I'm about to toss this sh*t if it doesn't stop giving me grief!!
  5. congrats, its a fun phone. (minus the drams!)
  6. i hope you got an appointment online. it can be a long wait to go to an apple store and wait for "the next avail appt". just do it online if you haven't already. good luck!
  7. Wow! I'm sorry you're going thru all this. I understand when you say you feel safer with a worlking phone by your side; I'm exactly the same way. Have you thought about having them replace it? A good friend of mine just got his a couple months ago and has had no problems at all.
  8. I hope you get everything sorted out. I just got mine despite all the bad things I heard about them. It's a great phone though so if I did have problems I think it would even itself out.
  9. seems like iphone having alot of problem.
  10. good luck at the genius bar, I'm sure everything will be fine!
  11. If you haven't already, I would go ahead and purchase the extended warranty through Apple. I do that with all my Apple products because they really stand behind the warranty and leave me with less worries after the 1st year is up.
  12. I had a similiar issue after updating my iphone last week.I had to RESET the iphone.Once u r signed in and your iphone is connected to your computer...there is a RESET button.....dont freak cuz itll say u will lose ALL your music.It will reset your phone and RELOAD all your music.I had to do it cuz it said mine was damaged too!My phone was fine once I reset it.
    My daughter had an issue after the last update too so Im wondering if the update was messed up?
  13. Where the reset button?? Should I do this or just go in??
  14. How strange, I didn't hear of any problems with iPhones here in the UK: DH and I both have one and they both have been working perfectly for the past 5 months. I wonder if it's related to the carrier in any way.