Can't stand her - but what are her boots?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. She used to wear vintage Miss Capezio ones all the time. I'd reckon these could be vintage too
  3. cute boots, :throwup:outfit! haha
  4. Who is this? I can't tell from the pics.

    Is it Britney?
  5. ^^ yup! it's none other than ms. train wreck herself!
  6. One of my fellow Shoe Addict friends bought a pair of her cowboy boots from her. I suppose I could ask her what they are.

    Side note: Britney, honey, the outfit? What are you doing? You do not go out in public in one of your slutty little music video costumes! :rolleyes:

    She use to be so lovely too! Sad. :s