Can't stand Ebay anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I have been selling for a while on eBay and have only recently been having issues with multiple non-paying bidders and spammers and such. Fine, I 'll deal with that, but what I can't deal with is a recent buyer who was sent an authentic, NWT Gucci bag in perfect, store-bought condition who now claims that there was a pen mark on the bag and she wants a partial refund. This is after she haggled with me and convinced me that she would buy the bag only if I sent it for free with the original Neiman's receipt. I did that. Now she says that she wants to keep the bag but she wants a partial refund because the bag has been used by me. What the ***K? I told her that I don't sell used bags and that I had inspected the item prior to listing it and it was perfect. How should I handle this? I told her to send me a picture of this pen mark that she complains about. Thanks.
  2. I say wait on it. She is probably just trying to see if she can get anything out of you. You'll have proof from the auction pics that the bag was NWT, right? She can't prove that the bag was used.
  3. get the bag back and add her to your blocked list
    some people just so try it on
    depends on how you feel about your feedback , this feedback blackmail just gets worse
    have you looked at her feedback??
  4. You should stick to your story about the bag being brand new. If she pushes it, tell her that you will take the bag back and refund her. I'm sure she'll drop it after that. She's just trying to squeeze the last penny out of you.
  5. If she's so adament about it, get the bag back, refund her, and sell it again to someone who wants it.
  6. Sounds like she is just trying to get some money back for the bag - especially if she originally haggled with you about the shipping, etc. I recommend getting the photos first, she probably doesn't want her bag to have a penmark on it - but if you ask her to send the bag back completely, and you will issue her a refund, she might just put penmark on the bag to spite you since she is getting her money back anyway.
  7. Trouble I found with e-bay/paypal is that they are always on the buyers side.

    Many a time I posted stuff to have buyer say not received several weeks later, paypal refund them even if you have postage receipt, you have to send everything certified to get out of it which puts postage costs up.
  8. sound like she is trying to scam a discount to me. There are alot of sus buyers out there. I have a shop myself and after wrapping and then gift wraped some wine glasses the customer bought them back and told me that they had a crack in them and they broke. I wore the cost and refunded her knowing very well when I purchased them wholesale that I had checked all my stock for faults so I could be credited if needed.
    Lesson learned I have never seen her again. Maybe its only wise to refund if you feel that you may have a return sale in the future.
  9. Tell her to send it back. What a jerk. And yes, BLOCK HER.
  10. I think I would take the path of least resistance - swallow my fury, send a 'I was surprised by your email and I'm sorry you are unhappy' email asking her to return the bag, block her and sell it to someone who will appreciate it. A hassle and unfair, but not as much of a hassle as a possible Paypal claim and constant bargaining with a buyer who sounds hard to please and possibly dishonest too.
  11. Thanks for your help. I told her to send me pictures and she said that the pen mark was not showing up in the pictures she took. I then told her to send the bag back to me for a full refund and she said, "I do not want to send it back -- what do you think we shoulddo?" I then replied that I had already told her what I think -- full refund. I have not heard from her since. I hate waiting around not knowing what she's going to do...
  12. I would just tell her she has two options
    1) keep the bag
    2) send the bag back for a full refund minus shipping.

    Tell her the possibility of a discount is 100% out of the question.

    good luck!
  13. Gosh, what a terrible buyer- sorry you are dealing with this, I bet she is going to drop the whole thing now b/c she just wants to see if you'll give her some money back.
    Block her, then forget her!:noggin:

  14. that's exactly what i was thinking!!!!

    i mean, situations like this puts the seller in a vulnerable position... i worry that if you ask her to send the bag back to you and offer a full refund, she may damage it on purpose!! unfortunately, there are a lot of vindictive, evil people out there :sad:
    (not to say that the buyer is one)...

    i hope it all works out in the end *crossing my fingers*
  15. ^^Totally agree!!