Can't sleep...

  1. I just had to share my excitement with you girls!! My BF totally does not understand my Coach obsession and he tries to avoid taking my anywhere near the boutiques or outlets. But he decided he needs some new jeans and we are going to Lighthouse Place tomorrow!!! I really hope the Coach outlet has all the new stuff out!!!!! I am so anxious I can't even sleep!!! :smile:
  2. LOL how cute!!! I get like that too,hopefully you find something :yes:
  3. Good luck with the shopping !
  4. Aw how fun! Good luck snagging lots of great stuff on your shopping trip!!
  5. The SAs are really nice there. Hope you get lots of goodies!
  6. How cute, have a great time tomorrow. I hope you find a lot of coach.
  7. I would get a few cocktails in him before you hit the outlet...
  8. Yes let us know! I think I am close to the lighthouse outlet-Is it the one in Michigan City Indiana?
  9. Have FUN!!! I'll actually be breaking in DH to the outlet scene for the first time tomorrow as it's the last weekend for the Tanger 25% OFF BC coupons! He's done the department store Coach purchases with me but never an entire store filled from top to bottom with nothing but my true love! I hope we both make it out alive! ha ha~~~~~I plan on seeing what I can get him to spring for beyond what I plan on spending. I'm going to give him the "don't you love me and want to make me happy" eyes!!! LOL (he's probably already on to me though!) Have a great time and overspend for me!!!
  10. I am sooooo jealous!

    My parents live very near there and that is a really good outlet.
    Never have I come out of there empty handed...

    Hopefully they will have the new Legacy stuff out and you will get to see it firsthand.
    Make sure to hit Redamacks in New Buffalo, MI afterwards for a cheeseburger. :drool:
    They will be closing up for their 'season' soon so have one for me as well.
    It is honest to God the best cheeseburger you will ever have in your life!
  11. I wouldn't be able to sleep if I got to go to an outlet tomorrow too, especially with these new Legacy and Ergo factory bags!!! (is it wrong that I like these more than what is coming out in the next floorset?). Be sure to give us the full story so we can all live vicariously through you (esp those of use who can't get to an outlet)!
  12. I'm leaving in 1/2 hour!!! Woohoo!!!

    I love Redamacks!!!! We used to always go there after we hit the beach when I was in high school!

  13. Have Fun and take Spy Pics LOL!!!