Can't sleep! Please help...been offered a position BUT...

  1. So what about the other one?
  2. Definitely, but just know that if you start and then quit really soon afterward, you burn your bridge with that company/organization and with the hiring manager/HR person who may move on to other companies/organizations that you might apply to in the future. Always best to avoid burning a bridge as much as possible, to weigh that decision carefully, but agree that you have to look out for yourself.
  3. Update: I got the offer for Job #2!!!! I'm so thrilled and excited!!!

    I had accepted Job #1 couple of weeks back because I couldn't risk waiting on Job #2's decision. I did all the paperwork last week and supposed to start tomorrow. Well, I called employer #1 and apologized profusely but explained that this other job is more suitable for me. I know and understand that I have burned my bridges with them and will probably never get a job with them again but that's okay. Job #2 is something I see myself definitely doing for a long time!

  4. OMG Congrats on getting the job you really wanted. I know what you mean about the burned bridges...something almost exactly the same happened to me! It's an awful feeling but we got to look out for ourselves, not the company!
  5. Thank you very much! I feel awful but yes, I have to do what's best for me. Im sure they have a runner up.
  6. I agree. This happens all the time.

  7. Congratulations fellow social worker!