Can't sign in...

  1. I just wanted to rant :rant: on here because I’m trying not to panick. But…I think my account has been compromised on eBay. I can’t sign in and it’s telling me my password is not working. It’s worked for the past 5+ years, so what happened? :cursing: Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Was it resolved?
  2. Go to live help on eBay's main page
  3. I did. They referred me to a link to talk with security which said it was going to take 11 minutes, but took much longer than that. And I couldn't sit there and wait. :sad:
  4. No. Someone really messed it up. When I do that it goes back to the sign-in screen telling me it was invalid. After a while it says to enter other information that only I would know but that comes up incorrect too.
  5. If you can't sign in, your account has most likely been hacked. Look yourself up and see if anyone has listed items under your eBay ID.
  6. ^Thanks!
  7. any updates?
  8. Yeah, I finally got it resolved with a very helpful Ebay contact. They said I was phished. Never thought it could happen to me :sad:.