Can't sell Tiffany & Co. on eBay???

  1. All three of my authentic Tiffany items on eBay got removed today. I got an email saying that Tiffany & Co. contacted them about my listings due to a trademark infringement. Can you not state the "Tiffany & Co." name on your listings anymore?
  2. Wait, are you the one who was selling the heart tag necklace on a 34" chain?
  3. No, I was selling the lock necklace and platinum cross necklace. I sold a heart tag necklace last week though.
  4. Thats terrible! eBay's been taking down many legit listings theres another thread here with TONS of occurances. My auctions have been taken off before too, they were Steve Madden shoes. Odd, I would say.
  5. I had bids too! Those bidders must lose faith in the seller. That stinks!
  6. I was bigging on a t&co necklace last week and I was sure it was authentic, but the auction got pulled before anyone could win. It is too bad that this is happening. I think Vero is pulling a lot of stuff.
  7. When you listed the item, did a box appear saying basically "are you confident you are listing genuine Tiffany?" When I did my listings, that box appeared and I said yes and (knock wood) I never had a problem. Are they so crazy that no one is going to be able to list the name of the company/designer? This is just nuts!
  8. I find that if I include the words "Pre-owned" in the title that usuallly works and they let my items stay on. I recently sold a Tiffany pen with no problem.
  9. I had a Tiffany heart pendant that was an unwanted gift (I'm not ungrateful I promise, just came from a deeply strange and deluded man who caused me nothing but angst) and sold it without problems last month. I emphasised it was a gift, and clicked the 'you are about to list a designer item' check button and sold it without problem, but maybe things are more tricky now . . .It seems things have become tougher for handbag sellers even in the last few weeks.
  10. It's a new world on eBay - they are yanking authentic auctions, left and right. I had heard that auctions were being pulled, and I thought that it couldn't happen to me. I have great fb (99.8%) and 3000+ FB, and I only sell authentic clothing and handbags. Located in the U.S. yadayadayada. My Chloe handbag was pulled and it was listed with every item that was required to be able to show it was authentic. Chloe vero people said there was a problem with the listing, but they haven't e-mailed me back yet with the details. I am awaiting their response because I can't relist w/o Chloe giving me permission - yes, that's right, I have to wait for Chloe's permission. I wonder what the odds are of me receiving that permission. It seems a good strategy for Chloe and other companies to say, "Hey, I think they violate something with their listing, and I'm not going to tell them what," but in the meantime they can't list on Ebay. After either five or seven days, I'm "allowed" to contact Ebay and request Ebay's help in contacting the Vero Rights Holder to ask them what the problem is. :cursing: There is something wrong with this picture, isn't there?
  11. I think you are right! In ebay's email to me they said I should contact some email address at Tiffany to voice my concerns. I did email them, but don't know when I'll receive an email back. When did Tiffany get to authorize Tiffany items on ebay. I would never sell crap or counterfeit merchandise, and I took excellent pictures showing every detail of each item.

    BUT THE PLOT I went to ship the Tiffany necklace that I did get to sell, and the listing has been removed. I can still get the lady's address through Paypal, but now I'm worried because as I recall...if something like this happens, you get an email saying not to pay the person and if you have paid with Paypal (which she did), to go through them for a refund. (I know this because it happened to me last month when I got my child a razor scooter off ebay and then after I won, the listing was removed and I got that email.) Luckily I hadn't paid before I got the email so I didn't have to do anything.

    So now do I send the item or not?!?!?! If I send it, am I still going to get a charge back from Paypal. I swear, this is a royal screwing! :cursing:
  12. It seems a little too much power is being given to the original name brand companies. The irony is that someone posted in the LV forum that not being able to sell your old items on eBay means you have less money to buy new - so in the end, it does hurt the big companies as well. Perhaps it might help to point this out when contacting the companies?
  13. It's absolutely terrible what's happening to legitimate sellers. Did anyone else see something on Dateline or Primetime, one of those news shows about Tiffanys and eBay? The producers did some research and purchased 20 Tiffany's items from 20 seperate sellers on eBay. All the auction listings were guaranteed authentic somewhere in the listing by the sellers. Of those 20, 19 were fake. Tiffany's could only authenticate one out of the whole lot.

    Ruins the whole market for everyone. I wish they had followed up on the actions taken against these known fake sellers. Has anyone ever heard of eBay punishment for the known fakers? Pulling listings isn't enough.
  14. See at first I was being naive, thinking it was the way I listed the items. But now I'm aware that they were accusing me of selling couterfeit items! UGH! I understand trying to crack down on bogus sellers with fake stuff. But it stinks that us trustworthy and reliable sellers are becoming casualties of war! I'll just save my Tiffany items for when my daughter gets older. :idea: