Can't seem to love my whiskey edith


The Shopping Queen
Jan 5, 2006
Fabulous Las Vegas
SoCal said:
Understood. I can be a bag a minute girl. Some folks ask...will I be using this bag in 5 years? I ask...will I be using this bag in 3-5 months? Longer...well that is practically infinity...
OMG!!!! This is me! I can sooooo relate!!
Jan 30, 2006
New Jersey
PGN said:
doulosforhim- we are in the same boat! :lol: I just received my whiskey edith yesterday and it was not love at first sight at all!!! I returned it today. About a week ago I bought the same chanel tote and I :love: :love: it SOOO much! Once I saw cristinas I knew I had to have it! I really tried to like the edith but I just couldn't!
its a shame because the edith looks so gorgeous in the magazines:cry:

i love the chanel tote. its just perfect. casual or dressy.:love: :love: i am glad that you love yours too.