Can't seem to love my whiskey edith

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  1. I just can't understand it. It is a beautiful bag but from the moment i received her well, it was not love at first sight. i decided to give it a couple of days. i thought that perhaps it's because i have been working so much and am so tired. i am fully rested...and still just can't seem to fall in love with her:shame: :sad: . Does anyone else feel the same?
    Now with my Chanel tote on the other hand, it was love at first sight:love: and each day i lover her more:shame: :love: .
  2. This seems to be the consensus with a lot of new Edith owners. Give it a couple days, and if you don't love her still...take (or send) her back. You could use it towards a bag you're head over heels for!
  3. only i have given it several days:shame: . now my chanel bag.... well take a look and let me know what you think. i have loved her since day one. and each day love her even more:love: :love: my hubbie even adores her:amuse:
  4. oops sorry for the rotated pictures
  5. Wow - that's one beautiful Chanel bag; which style/model bag is that - may I ask you the price?

    I feel like they're two different looks. The Chanel dresses up or classes up any outfit you would pair it with. The Edith would look cute with a more stylish outfit as it dresses it down and gives it a bookish edge.

    I'll have to let you know when my Edith gets here to see how I feel about it too..
  6. Totally understand how you feel! It's been almost 1 week and I'm still on the fence about it. I think I expected so much because it looked so good on the ads. If there is such a thing a photogenic bag, the Edith is it! :biggrin:
  7. Beautiful Chanel tote! Take the edith back and get another chanel!
  8. I agree! Although, I'm partial to Chanel over Chloe. Seems like you've made your decision...let Edith go....;)
  9. Cut her loose! It's a blessing when we don't fall in love with $$$ bags. I wish I didn't love Edith... I love her so much I want her in three colors! =|
  10. I feel the same about Edith and she just got in the door!

    I'm not a Chanel person, but you look more comfortable with the Chanel... you can almost tell by your body-language that you just aren't digging Edith! Keep the bag you love... and keep getting more bags you love! Don't waste money or emotions on ones you don't....

    (yeah, sounds easy, and now back to my own inner-struggle!)
  11. Chanel...yeah! Edith...go away! You don't love her...she must belong to another...
  12. i was wearing my scrubs in the pictures:shame: i had just gotten home from a 12 hour nite shift:amazed: . I agree with you,but just can't seem to love the edith:shame: .
    the chanel is the classic caviar shoulder tote. the price is 1650.00 before tax. it is available with either gold or silver hardware. i am totally head over heels with this bag. it is ny first chanel and my first black everyday bag.

    please let me know about your feelings for the edith when she arrives.good luck.
  13. omg, you are so right. it did not occur to me before about my body language. how funny.its that obvious how i feel:lol:
  14. i put it up in tthe marketplace. i hope she goes to a good loving home. she deserves that. otherwise she will go back to NM:sad: . so if anyone seriously wants to give her a good home, pm me.
  15. i am so glad you love yours.