Can't Seem to get a solid answer ( HELP!)

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  1. back in Last July...I got myself a Monogram Keepall 55...and after a small trip with it I learned the straps are almost a neccessity...

    so now I'm planning for a French/ English/ Italian trip over the summer for Senior Year and I want to bring my keepall....and I want

    .............SHOULDER STRAPS!:yes:


    but each time I ask the SAs I get different answers sometimes I'll get $250..or $200 ( which is fair since that's how muchthe difference is retail) but some of the other times I get..""This is a modification of a bag and Louis Vuitton policy prohibits against this""..:blah:

    Ughhh..has anyone done this or know if it can be done..( I know it cn be done it's not even that hard..I just hope they would do it)

  2. to put straps on a keepall that does not have them is COSTLY, it would be cheaper to buy a keepall with straps.... or buy the shoulder strap it self and put it on the non strap keepall, it may look funny but saves $. if u do it the other way, they send it to the factory and have to literally do surgery to your bag to make it like the keepalls with straps
  3. If you absolutely need a shoulder strap, I'd just sell the one you have to finance a new one with strap.

  4. :yes: :yes:
  5. Sell the old to finance the purchase of the new...makes perfect sense...good luck...sounds like a great trip.
  6. Haha, I was JUST about to post about this! I just picked up my dad at the airport and someone had a keepall 55 and bought an extra strap. They cliped it on to the opposite handle rings, if that makes any sense.

    I was thinking about getting this one for my epi keepall 45, but I don't know if it will be strong enough to hold it?
  7. Yeah I thought about getting the regular straps..but it looks kinda wierd..and probably dent some of the Vachetta....( this looks to me like the best solution since I don't wanna wait around for them to make it..even if they did it'll take a lot longer than they say it would..)

    and I don't wanna put myself through trying to sell the Keepall I won't get anywhere near what I paid..:blink:...uhhhh...

    thanks for the help every one! :heart:
  8. This makes perfect semse and what I do for my mc 45 and my cerise 45. I will try and take pics tomorrow for you.
  9. That would be awesome!! They have the color I need on elux and still have free shipping/****** so I was thinking about getting it.
  10. i wud jus carry it! its what we do with our 55 when we use it and yer its heavy however ur not using it for THAT long without the straps when you think of it! and tbh most airlines will make u check it in now, all keepalls are too big to carry on now! with the new regulations
  11. Yeah, I've traveled carrying it before, but it's kind of a pain since I take a purse too ... I like my hands free to dig for tickets, money, DL, etc. and then I have to sit the keepall on the floor and I'm always worried about sticking it in something gross. (like something spilled)

    I think I am going to get the epi strap tomorrow! There is supposed to be extra ******, so why not? :angel:

    (sorry for Khoi for hijacking your thread :biggrin: I don't blame you for not wanting to sell the old one, what a pain!)
  12. sell it for one with a strap....

  13. Ooo..I don't know if I can check my Keepall...I'd die..I'm deathly protected of anything to do with Natural Vachetta..:wtf:
  14. i's so much better this way, straps alone are so pricy!!!:love: