Can't seem to find helmut heels anywhere...!

  1. I've been lusting after a pair of helmut heels, in colors other than black, but I can't find them anywhere! With my size (5), it is impossible. The only pair I found online was from eBay and in black.
    I had no luck at Saks.
    Any boutiques that still carry them? I know it is from 2005 collection so probably not... :crybaby:

    Any ideas?
  2. If you're a US size 5, you'd need a size 34 in the Helmut as those run incredibly, incredibly big (by a full size). Dept. stores don't have the black leather Helmut's; only CL boutiques. But the wait-list for black leather Helmut is approx. a year long at CL boutiques (and best to call constantly or shop with them often if you really want that shoe, as I know there are a lot of people wait-listed for each size every year and they get 1-2 pairs per size per annual shipment, so many of the wait-listed folks don't ever get called). If you're a US size 5 (i.e. EU size 34) in the Helmut though, your best choice would be to try special-ordering that shoe in your size and wait it out....b/c CL boutiques in the US don't get 34's; they start with 35 as the smallest size (and in that rare size it's probably like one pair 35 for an entire year's shipment). Otherwise the only other option is eBay. HTH!
  3. Oops, sorry to the OP -- I just re-read your post and it looks like you're looking for NON-BLACK Helmut's? Wow in that case it's even rarer as (non-black) colors are seasonal. CL boutiques over the past few years have carried the Helmut in green leather, blue satin, white leather, name it. Some of the non-black colors have gone on sale, but those were all like 2 seasons ago. Right now I think they're mainly concentrating on the Prive/Yoyo peep-toe & hidden platform frenzy and so most of the boutique stock are of that variation. No colored Helmut's at boutiques these days (long gone), but you can try special-ordering.
  4. Wow, thank you for a detailed answer.
    1-2 pairs/size per year? I'd better call up and see if I can even get on the waitlist!

    Thanks for the sizing info too. I would have never guessed that I'd need to go size down since most people suggest going up a size for helmut.
  5. LV - ITA with Foxys comments about the sizing. I generally wear a size 8 - 9 in Louboutins, and my Helmuts are a size 7.5. They run very big, this is probably because of the deep cut in the arch of the shoe. Good luck finding them, I think it is a beautiful design - and very rare, so you don't see tons of women wearing them as is the case with the prives.
  6. Yes these run big. You probably have to special order for a size that small. Good luck to you.
  7. eBay has a bunch of pairs.
    About the size........yeah go a FULL size SMALLER than your normal Louboutin size.
    I loveeeeeeeee the Helmut...tried them on for the first time yesterday & fell in love...cried my way out the store because im on a shoe ban until i get back from vacation. :crybaby:
  8. Thanks everyone for your input. I guess I found my shoe obsession too late! I'm just beginning to discover Louboutin shoes, so all these beautiful designs are pretty much gone.

    Well, I guess I'm gonna try my luck but may have to move onto a different style (there are so many beautiful ones to get obsessed about).

    Stinas - I'm so sorry about your shoe ban! Gosh, must have been so hard to walk away from a pair of Helmut!
  9. I have to agree with the consensus go smaller in the helmut. I think with the self perceived oddities of my feet and the design of this shoe I have to go two sizes down. I do have the bezehelmut and with that I went one size down.
  10. I forgot to mention in my previous reply, that I can relate to only having discovered CL. I acquired my first only last year, but with each season there is always a style (or two or three) that you will find to be a must have.