Can't see my items?!

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  1. Hi ladies, I've re-listed a few pairs of shoes (same designer) on Ebay US between Monday and yesterday evening. I have a few watchers on them but all my items doesn't show in search? None of them. I've tried to search "newly listed items" or with their designer/style name but nothing. If I search for them with the listing #, they're there so they have not been removed.
  2. Did you try logging out of your eBay account and then performing the same search not logged in to see if they pull up?
  3. I've done a bit of research and it seems it's a problem for international sellers that list on ebay US. Apparently people from the US can see the listings.
  4. They are glitchy again. I did a search on my store name and it said I had x number of listings. When I go to my url, I haxe x+2 listings.