cant revise an item thats already listed??

  1. I just listed a chanel bag....listed it, realized I made a few spelling errors and now when I try to revise it says I am not authorized to list that item and that they are sorry for an inconvinence.Aswell, they said that they put certain restrictions on accounts. But, the auction is still up? what does this mean?
  2. from what i've gathered on recent eBay-related threads, your account/listing is probably being reviewed. try again in a day or two and it should be fine, or so a few sellers have experienced.
  3. Geez...another eBay hoop to jump thru.
    Let us know if and when you can revise it.
  4. That happened to me before eBay lifted my restriction. Apparently, their computer can't tell the difference between a revision to a listing and an entirely new listing. You've reached your listing limit, and you can't revise because their system thinks you are trying to list a new, different item.
  5. I had the same experience a few weeks ago, but after 24-48 hrs I could make the changes without any problems. It would not allow me to ship to Asia either for some unknown reason? So don't give up, keep trying to make the changes and maybe it'll work for you too.
  6. Do you have any bids on it? If not, then make your corrections after it goes through vero.
  7. That's the problem under EBay's new system -- even after it's through vero and up, you can't revise if you have reached your weekly limit. Wait a couple of days, or even until tomorrow, and you'll probably be able to make a change. But be careful -- because it will go against your weekly selling limit if you are under EBay's new restrictions.