Can't Resist: Sharing my Shoe Obsession

  1. I can't resist sharing my shoe obsession with you ladies!! I had some spare time this morning and ended up snapping pics of my shoes as well :p

    Before bags I spent all my extra cash on shoes :yes:

    Here goes!!

    ... Louboutin collection


    Incs: Lastic booties, Knee-high suede boots, Cataribbons in red, yellow, and black
  2. Here are my Choo's:


    Incs: black mule Bea's, black strappy Bold's, nude slingback Bond's, and pink slingbacks
  3. Here are the Blahnik's:


    Incs: black and nude Carolyn's and Jolly Calf Pony flipflops (you have to pry these off my feet during summer! LOL)
  4. The Zanotti's:


    Incs: tri-colo mules with a marble heel and jewled mules (can you tell I wear these to death!!)
  5. WOW! Those are gorgeous! I'm just getting into shoes. I hope to have a collection like yours soon.
  6. Thanks :love:

    Some of these are from 2000 (the Zanotti's). It took my years to collect these and I love them all. I think these Narciso Rodriguez' might be my favs tho:

  7. Here are my two Chloe wooden wedges:

  8. I'm jealous of the Jimmy Choos and the Manolos! I love that Chloe bag, too!
  9. Holy yum those boots are hot!
  10. wow those CL boots are tdf!!
  11. I'm drooling over your CLs.
  12. Hey Beth, is the dog in your avatar yours? Nice Rottie head!!

    Thanks gals :love:

    Shoes are my true passion!!
  13. I am so Jelouse of you Laboutin Sandels and boot and your chloe wedges you have a great shoe collection
  14. I absolutely love love love the Chloe shoes.... great taste :heart:
  15. I love the Louboutin boots!