Can't.......Resist.......Any.......Longe r.......!

  1. Hey Ladies (and Gents),

    I've been away from Balenciaga for a while.....and feel the need to come back. Back to the dark side.

    I sold off most of my Bals for my Hermes (which I love). I've always missed the beautiful, smooshy Balenciaga leather and fabulous designs. I kept my Black Courier and have bought a Caramel Purse, that's my Bal collection now.

    I call this fate: Two weeks ago I was walking down the street here in Holland and I spotted a new shop. Sitting in the window was a Violet Brief. WHAT!!!?? I was in mid-conversation with my father and just ran inside. Dad kept talking and didn't even realise that I'd disappeared. OMG, I couldn't believe my eyes! A new shop here in The Hague that stocks Balenciaga. Woooooooo. I didn't know what to do, my head was whipping around, I was touching everything and waffling on to the SA's about the beautiful leather, colours, smells and styles. They all just smiled and agreed with me.

    Anyway, sitting there amongst the bags was a perfect black city, which was one of the bags I sold earlier this year. I can't stop thinking about it and really feel the need to have this staple bag in my collection. I can't get into the store until next Tuesday (lol, can't even remember the name of the store to call them), hopefully it will still be there. Waiting. Just for me!

    So, here's hoping that next week Cal will get her perfect bag.

  2. oh Cal hope you get her - keeping everything crossed for ya
  3. I hope you get it! can't wait to see it. There's nothing better than a black bbag!
  4. hope you get ie too..welcome back to balenciaga :tup:
  5. Good luck Cal. Hope it's still there waiting for you on Tuesday:yes:
  6. Sending positive vibes that it will be there for U!!
  7. Welcome back! When I saw my violet Step (pics in my thread :smile: ) last Friday, I passed at first but couldn't stop thinking about it and by Monday I was obsessed! I was the first customer of the day and they still had her!!
    I hope she will be there for you on Tuesday!!!
  8. ^^ yay, welcome back home Cal!!! :yahoo:
  9. Awww.......YOU KNEW I'd be back! LOL

    Thanks so much ladies, the more I think about this bag, the more excited I am (esp. since I'll be able to get the tax back as I'm moving overseas!!! yahoo!)

  10. ^^ our fingers & toes were crossed!!!
  11. Go get 'im girl!:tup:
  12. Go Cal go!!!!! I hope you get your baby back :smile:
  13. Welcome back! It's hard to stay away for long! :graucho:
  14. Welcome Back Cal girl!!!!!!!!:heart: Go get it NOW!!!!!! lol!!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. Welcome back, girlie...I don't blame you for selling bbags for bbags can be very addictive...