Can't remove the "unknown" stain on my Azur Speedy handle!

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  1. I was checking my Azur Speedy and I found a light maroonish stain on one of the handles..I tried a white eraser,nothing happened. I got a white cloth with a drop of water and a drop soap ( read that somewhere!) and it spread!!

  2. Did you notice it after you used it?
  3. Not to give you an answer you haven't thought of or anything but did you try baby wipes? I had a strange red small spot on the bottom trim of my Manhattan PM bag and it worked. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  4. baby wipes work for me! do you have ANY idea what it could be???? lets see a pic..
  5. Try the non-alcoholic, and non-fragrance baby wipes. like costco wipes.
  6. omgosh this happened to me too, on my mono speedy , its like a random spot that appeared out of nowhere:wtf:...but its on the inside of the handle so i figure it will blend in eventuily..
  7. one time a rain drop landed on my trouville
    and it left a stain on there..
    just let the color change.. it'll be ok..
    sometimes the more u do to it the worse it gets
    don't worry.. the first stain is always the hardest
    easy for me to say i know but it just happens... :\