can't remember the name...

  1. i did a search, but it's not coming up...i probably did not do it correctly. :confused1: Anyway, what is the name of the company that refurbishes designer bags? something like "love your bags" or "i love your bags". :shrugs:

    i want to buy some of their products. Thanks! :smile:
  2. omg! i think that is it! thank you so much!! yah!
  3. What has your experienc been with them? I called them and emailed them before and never heard back. i thought i would try again. just want to get a few products and ask for recommendations.
  4. the company hasnt been mentioned much in the chanel forum but there's raving reviews about the company and their products in the balenciaga forum.

    I did a general search and came up with these threads...

    Very helpful threads! you should read them if you have the time.
  5. Its very fast to get info in here hehe
  6. thank you mello...i don't think i'm searching correctly. i have to figure out what i'm doing wrong. thanks.
  7. ^ no problem!

    Also Barbara is soo sweet! I emailed her on a weekend and she replied back within 12 hours, it's strange that she hasnt emailed or called you. I know she was on vacation from xmas - new years so if you emailed her between that time, maybe she didnt get it. try again, she's a doll! her husband too
  8. i got a hold of her today on the phone. we talked for like 45 mins! she is really nice and helpful. i ordered a bunch of stuff. hope it works! thanks mello!