Can't Remember the Name of the Belt

  1. There's this belt i'm looking for and I can't quite remember the name of it.. It used to be sold at KITSON, and like the price range was in like the 200s because of its crystals....
    Does anyone know the name or where it's from?
    It's a leather belt with like crystals in circular shapes all over the belt and some metal circles studded also. I know the brown leather belt had turqoise all over also. It's really hard to explain.
    i want it :sad:
  2. ^^ Yeah sounds like you're describing the Old Man River Crystal Belt. I bought a while back (3 years?) at Kitson. I have the black one, and never found anything to wear with it.
  3. me too :lol: i think they were popular two years ago.. i got mine the same summer that i had a chloé paddington and it was the very first season..
  4. yesyesyyesyes!! OLD MAN RIVER!!!!!! omgoshhh! thank you so muchhh