Can't pull the trigger

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  1. So I've been dying to get a speedy empreinte because I love my speedy b de so much and find that it's the perfect style for me. I have the money but I just can't see spending that much on a bag. The only bag that I have that's comparable in price to the speedy empreinte is my Chanel gst and I hardly use it. She just sits in my closet. Not sure of it'd be the same way with speedy empreinte because leather bags are so heavy compared to my canvas bags. Not only that, but leather seems to lose it's shape so easily. I don't want to buy it and then regret it.
  2. Having the same dilemma. Admiring the Empreinte Speedies here and debating whether to pull the trigger. Pricing aside, it's whether the bag is heavy. I currently own an Idylle Fusain in size 30 and being eyeing the Empreinte in 25. And the impending price increase is definitely not helping...
  3. Why don't you go into the store and try them out? If you don't like how it feels, then don't buy it. If you think that you might make an impulse buy and regret it, go and try without taking your money and then go back or go online to make the purchase if you are happy later on.
  4. The bag is not heavy at all. Esp in the 25. Since you know the speedy b is your style, there isn't a problem. Your de might sit unused afterwards .. would you be all right with that? That's the only thing that's stopping me from buying another emp Speedy B .. I love mine in Aurore to bits. If I could rebuy it'd be in Infini though ..
  5. I empathize. I just read a reveal that called it heavy. Best to feel for yourself if you can. GL!!
  6. I suggest going into the store and trying it on, you might fall in love with it :smile:
  7. Why don't you sell your Chanel GST to fund a new Empreinte Speedy? Just my 2c.

    I had the same dilemma last year. Always admiring from afar but never game enough to pull the trigger. Eventually, I decided that I longer I waited, the more expensive it was going to become, and if I loved the bag, then I should be willing to pay for it. After all, that is the price of luxury.
  8. +1 ~ ITA ~ The Speedy Empreinte is not heavy at all. I have the 25 in Infini. It is a very comfortable bag IMO. Also, the leather is keeping its shape very well. :smile:

    OP, I cannot imagine this being a bag that would sit in the closet unless you have too many everyday bags. It goes well from day ~ evening with the different carrying options. It can be worn casual, or dressed up a bit. GL!
  9. I also think you should go to the store and try on the purse to find out if this purse is for you. I understand how you feel about the price because I felt the same way. Try not to concentrate on the price. Ask yourself if you would regret not buying this bag in the future. Some people on this forum said that the purse was heavy. I don't find the purse heavy for a leather bags. My other leather bags feel heavier than the Empreinte Speedy.
  10. Maybe I should sell my gst to fund it. It's my only Chanel bag though and I lusted after it for so long and finally pulled the trigger and got it. Now I know it doesn't work for me! Where should I sell it to get the most of my money?
  11. Stick to your guns. It's good to have limits.
  12. I have the same dilemma I've always wanted a artsy empreinte but for over $3000 Aussie dollars I just find it hard to go in and buy it. Just so much for a bag argh I drool over it but yeah I think I will have to pass I rather take my hubby and bub to Hawaii for a trip away. It sux I really want it but for now it's just too much money, I have the funds but cant do it. I think you just have to be totally in love with it to be able to spend the money and be happy with it
  13. I'd rather buy the bag than come to Hawaii. Lol I guess that's cause I live in Hawaii.:smile:
  14. I honestly think that if you love the Speedy B you will be head over heels in love with the Emp Speedy. You already know that the style works for you and it's really not heavy IMO. I agree with yogagirl70, you can wear this bag for almost every occasion. So easy to dress up and it looks great casual. If you get a chance, take what you usually carry to your local store, load the bag and see how it feels to you.
  15. Thanks for your input everyone. Where do you all sell your bags to get the most money? I'm gonna sell my gst to fund my speedy empreinte. More questions to follow.