Can't name this Bag and wallet.

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  1. This is in the L.V. section hopefully it's right to ask here. After fantastically getting my girlfriend a lovely fake alma bag, I've realised there's one more I bought her, the person gave a serial number: m61215

    But now I've realised that means nothing too. I must admit I've never seen the bag before, should I keep my hopes up or begin my refund demanding emails?

  2. Try posting this in the Authenticate this LV thread and you may get more responses. But the wallet looks fake and I have never seen a bag like that either. I am just not sure about either item.
  3. Both items are fake, sorry.
  4. can you tell me how you can tell that?
  5. ^^^ It's pretty obvious. Both the wallet and bag look extremely "plasticky". I guess that's the best way I can explain it. The vachetta on the bag looks very fake. Also the alignment of the monograms on both items is just terrible. Real LV items have the monograms lined up nicely.
  6. Please post questions about the authenticity of items in the authenticate this thread.. and about the identity of items in identify this !

    Check out the authenticate this thread - you should post before you purchase so you don't have to go through the refund process. :S
  7. Please post all authenticity questions in the Authenticate This LV thread in the Shopping section. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.