Cant make up my mind

  1. The ombre bag is gorgeous but the denim patchwork will look good much longer, I think. Remember how cool orange countertops were to begin with? (or am I showing my age?!)
  2. I hadn't thought about it like that. You make an excellent point. :biggrin:
  3. I have to say the denim patch work.
  4. I personally prefer the denim patchwork, but the ombre would make a cute summer bag too.
  5. Patchwork
  6. I vote for the patchwork tote but only because it goes so well with the casual clothes and colors I tend to wear. I think the patchwork tote will look good all year round whereas the first tote looks summery to me. Peggy
  7. I agree with everything everyone above said! Go with the patchwork-it will do better/longer for you.
  8. I think the ombre is just more beautiful overall and lovely for summer! the patchwork is trendy as well so idk if it would necessarily last longer. I think the ombre, being a signature print, would be more timeless. it's maybe not a winter bag but it would be beautiful every summer!
  9. Thanks for all your input! I'm going to the store today.
  10. denim patchwork...that's what I'm planning (I think!) for my 25% off coupon!
  11. the denim patchwork is beautiful:yes: Go for it:biggrin:
  12. I agree - the patchwork - I'm hoping to pick one up today!
  13. Denim for sure. That ombre purse is really odd looking in person, its so large and the handles so thin. ALthough I am digging the color...