can't make up my mind... should i get this???

  1. [​IMG]

    the two characteristics i like about this bag is the chain with the leather going through it and the MM lock. but now that i decided to make the purchase i'm having some doubts.

    would i be able to handle the stress of distressed lamb?
    (i'm pretty anal about my bags...)

    is the size too small to wear as casual?
    (this is a medium - would jumbo be a better choice?)

    should i pass this one and go with patent leather 2.55?
    (i know the 2.55s are hard to come around but maybe i should wait for it?)

    i want to make the decision this week... this bag is what made me fall in love with chanel to begin with, so should i just stick to my first love and buy it? but honestly, it's not cheap, so i want to make sure i'm getting the "perfect" bag that i won't regret later on. i like the 2.55 as well but am not too crazy about the chain straps although i do like the patent leather. gosh this is never ending.

  2. I love this bag! And I definately prefer the distressed leather over the patent.
  3. I just bought this same bag in jumbo - it is my first Chanel. I love it but am also having doubts. The price tag ($2695 plus tax) just seems soooo high! Can somebody please let us know the exact name of this bag? Classic flap, reissue, 255, etc? Thank you!
  4. i didn't know they had the exact bag in jumbo. well i didn't see it any ways.

    i learned from a tpf member that the name of this bag is classic flap with mademoiselle lock.
  5. I think this leather is better than the patent. I would go for this one!!
  6. I preferrably don't like the interwoven chains with MM lock. I think if I had a choice I would get the patent!
  7. I prefer the distressed lambskin over the patent as well - super super soft leather (so luxurious to feel) plus you won't get fingerprints all over it like you would with the patent. While the lambskin means you would have to baby it a bit - the fact that it's distressed should mean that you don't have to baby it THAT much...

    Plus I highly believe in following your heart - so if THIS was the bag that attracted you to begin with... you should go for the bag that makes your heart pound! (from its beauty and NOT its price! :p)

  8. ITA!
  9. my friends tell me that if i'm this indecisive, I normally want it. If you bought it, would you be ecstatic or would you be happier having the patent? Which one would you use more often? That bag can be used casually because of the vintage/distressed look of it. Good luck with your decision.
  10. Forget all the reasons for this over that and go with the bag you would miss the most if you didn't have it..."follow your heart" has been said before and I agree.:tup:
  11. I think this bag is TDF!!! If it's the combo of the old chain and MM lock that you love, this bag is IT. I use the medium size casually all the time and it fits all the essentials. The distressed lambskin is goooorgeous...definitely prettier than the patent leather IMO. :yes:

    Good luck with your decision!!