Can't make a decision...will you help me please?


which GH bag?

  1. Vert Gazon Giant Day

  2. Vert Gazon Giant Hobo

  3. Anthracite Giant Hobo

  4. Blue Glacier Giant Hobo

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Right. I have decided that I want a GH bag, but have been back and forth in my mind for days trying to decide which one to get.

    It's official...I need help!:nuts:

    I have narrowed it down to:

    Giant Day Vert Gazon
    Giant Hobo Vert Gazon
    Giant Hobo Anthracite
    Giant Hobo Blue Glacier

    I saw a Giant Hobo in Black IRL. I loved the style, but don't need another black bag.

    Any opinions will be greatly appreciated!:flowers:
  2. I voted for the Anthracite Hobo. But looking at your collection, maybe the VG Day would be better. You have 3 black bags and anthracite is similar to black. Bleu Glacier would also be a good choice but I'm not crazy about the GH with this color. Good luck!
  3. I voted for bleu glacier. I have seen these bags with gh IRL and think the combo is excellent! Of course, we don't all have to like the same thing! ;) You already have so much black and green I think a color would be a great addition.
  4. I voted for VG Hobo! I LOVE the Hobo style...I hope they make in RH!
  5. Thanks Cracker, Gwen & MRG:

  6. mmm really tough one but I think maybe Blue Glacier would be something a little different!!!
  7. Well, I voted for VG GH Day since its a lovely bright colour and looks gorgeous with the GH. I agree with cracker that anthracite is too close to black, and I'm just not all that crazy about the blue glacier.

    BTW, where are you thinking of getting the VG bag from, if you do? My SA at HN Leeds told me the company hadn't ordered any VG at all. :crybaby:
  8. Thanks for your vote! I blame you for this GH hobo/day obsession! One look at your Aqua and I was hooked!:yes:

    EnglishGirl: SecretShopaholic and I have called every HN, every Selfridges, harrods, Browns, Matches, Liberty, etc...there is NO Vert Gazon in the UK. Harrods had 2 and they both sold in one day.

    I would have to go to the states to get one!
  9. I cannot even vote on this Siri - sorry! They are all sooooo amazingly diff. I know that doesn't help your decision process but I too am feeling the pain of having to make a decision!!!! Purely on the grounds that I ruled out VG for me (selfish I know) I am striking that one out and I am voting for Blue Glacier as I just checked out another pic of that colour in the weekender size and it looks great.

    Then theres the Anthra and then the .... see ignore me I obviously know nothing!
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    Well, secretshop, you can see my dilema then?

    It appears that Blue Glacier is leading in the poll.

  11. Siri - How about Giant Aqua Day or Hobo?:graucho:
  12. Nanz: I was hoping you would respond as it seems you have seen quite a lot of the new colours with GH:graucho:

    Aqua does look lovely. Just when I thought I had narrowed down to four...:push:
  13. I vote for Giant Hobo Anthracite
  14. Well, Anthracite did not excite me much and you already have the Sapin and Black in your collection. I really like the VG in the PT style but i think the Giant Aqua is gorgeous.:smile:
  15. Vert Gazon GH Day! I love that combo of style/color/hardware. It will "make" any outfit you're wearing, whether you're in jeans and a t-shirt or all dolled up in a black pencil skirt and crisp white blouse!