Can't make a decision.. please help!


Jul 9, 2013
Hi all, this is my first thread here :smile:
So im in desperate need of advice and since my boyfriend is unwilling to listen to my talk about my bag affair, i thought i could use some of your expertise:P
Im looking to purchase a new bag. I want a clutch bag and i also an everyday bag but the problem is, I can only purchase one of these since im going on holiday .
There have been a couple that I've been looking at which include
1. the eva clutch (always needed a clutch , want it in mono :heart:)
2. the Chanel mini flap (supperrr prettyy )
3. the Prada saffiano tote (had my eye on this one but heard stories about poor quality control.
I'll appreciate any input.
Thanks :biggrin:


Jul 29, 2013
Definitely Chanel. Especially the flap, its a timeless beauty. I own the eva and a chanel (not the flap) and prefer Chanel. You can always get eva later. I also tend to worry more about the eva and its vachetta staining so that is also something to think about. Good luck deciding. :smile:


Nov 15, 2012
Those bags are all so different from each other, and I usually like to vote for the one that will give the most versatility and fit your lifestyle best. I know you said you have always a wanted a clutch, so that would lead me to believe that you need a clutch. The Eva would be really perfect to suit that need, especially because it really can be used/worn for nicer occasions and daytime occasions. However, even though I love Chanel, I have always loved the Prada saffiano tote. In total honesty, that one really does get my vote, but I still think you should get the one that you have the most need for.


May 10, 2013
I agree with the other posters. All 3 options are just too different. It really depends on what you're looking for and how much you're looking to spend (huge difference here). The Eva and mini flap are comparable in what they can hold but the saffiano tote is much bigger. Also depends on your body size. I think the mini flap looks much better on more petite frames whereas the Eva and saffiano tote looks good on everyone. Sorry not much help. Good luck!!


Jan 10, 2013
I agree with a few posts above...the Chanel mini flap and Eva are definitely different bags in different price ranges.

The Chanel, in black, is a classic must have if price is not an object, especially in caviar!

I own the Eva and I have to say this bag is amazing! Worn crossbody with the long strap, with the chain over the shoulder or with the chain tucked in for a true clutch.

Good luck!
Thanks everyone for your input, its much appreciated :smile:. Im 5'3. I don't really mind the price difference but finding a mini in my country is really rare. Im just looking for an everyday bag or a clutch that can be worn during the day /night. There all just such beautiful and classic pieces makes it so hard to decide!