Can't make a decision on B-bag colors

  1. i just pre-order the Grape city bag, but most of my friends said this color doesn't fits me. so i am kinda what to change to Aquamarine:confused1:, but i've never seen the actual bag, what do you girls think? or any other colors? BTW, this is gonna be my first B-bag, and i am new in here.
  2. look in the reference threads... theres beautiful pics of the aquamarine... but wasnt that from SS07? might be all sold out now? maybe other girls can chime in...

    the grape looks divine from the pics I've seen and a city with GSH is exactly what I'm after... but for you... well, you'd have to think about how much you LOVE the color and whether it will honestly fit with your wardrobe... for my first Bbag, I got a neutral color... the greige... I myself prefer to get into colors after I've got the neutrals... its safer I suppose...

    what colors do you wear most?
  3. I am really excited about the grape, and I think if YOU love it, go for it! For my first Bbag, I got a magenta! Anyway, I think aqumarine is very pretty, too. Have you seen French Blue, or the F/W Ocean blue?

    Edited to say WELCOME to this wonderful forum!!!
  4. Welcome:welcome:I put a lot of weight on first impressions and gut instinct. If grape was both of those for you...I'd suggest that you not give up the grape just yet. Get it, see it, try in on... then decide. Maybe grape is the start of the new you...your friends haven't yet met?:balloon:
  5. Welcome to the forum!

    From the pics that I've seen of the grape, I am in LOVE! My first bbag was a taupe first...I loved it,k but it became blah after awhile and now I'm craving something in a POP color! I'm sure this bbag will not be your last, so I think grape is a great choice!
  6. i decide to get the aquamarine first( if NY still has one), then i am wait til the grape coming( because i have to wait 2-3 weeks for the grape, is anyone in the waiting list too?):p
  7. Welcome to TPF - and the wonderful world of Bbags!! :yahoo:

    Can't wait to see what you end up getting - remember to post pics!! And yes a lot of the gals in this forum is on the waitlist for Violet/grape :yes:
  8. I think you should stick with the Violet / Grape. I thought I wanted the 07 Aqua too, but when I saw it IRL it was a bit too light / bright for me. I was hoping for an Aqua with a little more teal in it or a deeper colour. I know I am going to love the Violet.
  9. ^^that's so funny cus the bright color was what attracted me to Aqua. Isn't it funny how some colors work for each of us?

    Grape is pretty. Its a more sophisticated color, I think, than Aqua. You should buy what you think would best compliment your wardrobe. I feel that Grape is a more subdued color that would go wonderful with browns and neutral clothing whereas Aqua goes best with whites, yellows, browns, etc.

    My vote is for Aqua but of course, I am biased. :p