Can't Mail Package Today, Must I Void Today's Label?

  1. I failed to put out my scheduled package for the PW before he came (and I didn't leave special instructions to ring the bell in that case), and I can't get to the PO today. (Most probably.)

    Do I need to void my label through PayPal - and print another one - if I ship it tomorrow?
  2. I've done this before lots of times - when I'm printing out labels on a sunday night I forget to change them to Monday's date. I've never bothered voiding them, I just leave them out for the mailman the next day & he ALWAYS takes them.

    I love my mailman!
  3. I wouldn't think it would matter. You might have printed it in the evening, for example, and then put it out next day.
  4. I don't think it matters unless it's an international shipment. For some reason the PO stresses that items MUST go out on the day you print the label.
  5. Thanks!!

    I believe I've forgotten and put that day's date instead of the next before, too, anyway!
  6. no, they will go just fine. i have it happend oft, actually.
  7. I actually just asked this question at the PO last week and she said that it's fine to be a day off. I wouldn't mail something that was a week off, but a day or two is fine.