can't leave paris without some chanel... right??

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  1. presenting my new black satin melrose cabas! i went to almost every chanel store in the city trying to hunt this bag down. and when i finally give up hope on getting one, i manage to find it!!

    without further ado:


    comparison pictures with the denim coco cabas

    couldn't resist using it right away:love: (two of my favorite things in the world: chanel bags + nutella banana crepes. :lol:)

    fyi, there are two sizes in europe for the melrose cabas, the smaller one (which i bought) which retails for 1100euros and a bigger traveling size for 1300euros!

    happy thanksgiving! :heart:
  2. Oh my gosh, that looks GREAT on you!!! I want!!! Is the satin durable? I didn't even know they made a black satin version.
  3. WOW, stunning bag, and it looks stunning on you.

    Congratulations, and it will always be so special as you tracked it down in Paris ;)
  4. OOOOOMG...LOVE the bag, LOVE nutella banana freakin jealous!! LOL!!!

    Congrats!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  5. whOOo h:huh: gO pluiee~!! It looks FAB on you~!! Enjoy your trip ;)
  6. That is one hot bag :love:
  7. Thats wear it so well. Congrats!!!
  8. She is one beauty!
  9. Very pretty!! :love:
    Congrats on your new Melrose :smile:
  10. so gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  11. wow ur bag looks gorgeous!
  12. luv it!gorgeous!
  13. love your cabas! you look amazing!
  14. It's beautiful!! Congrats! (I love nutella too! But never had it in crepes before!)
  15. i would have been happy with just the crepes. but with a chanel bag- perfection!