cant leave feedback

  1. I bought a fake off eBay a few months ago and won my claim case but now I cant find the seller anywhere on my eBay summary, I guess because it has been more then 60 days its been deleted. Is there any way to retrieve the auction or leave feedback after 60 days? I want to let others know this person sells fakes!
  2. I think it is 90 days. Go into the leave feedback section and all outstanding feedback should be present (unless it is over 90 days) It is in "my eBay "in the column of options on the side
  3. I've had the same problem and as yet haven't been able to find a solution! I think it is only 60 days!
  4. Here it is...

    If you need to leave Feedback for a transaction that is more than 90 days old, you may be able to do so by entering the item number or User ID on the Leave Feedback page. Remember, eBay only commits to items being available for 90 days, so if the transaction is more than 90 days old, you may not be able to leave Feedback.

    While leaving Feedback is voluntary, eBay encourages all members to leave Feedback after each transaction is complete. There are different philosophies on whether the buyer or seller should leave Feedback first. Each member may choose the best approach to leaving Feedback for them.

    Leaving Feedback for a member who is no longer registered
    The eBay Feedback system does not allow you to leave Feedback for someone who is not a registered user. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will never be able to leave Feedback for the member. The item will remain in My eBay for 90 days, and if the member is reinstated within that time, you can leave Feedback for the member then.

    Note: Remember that any Feedback you leave is public and permanent, so think carefully before leaving Feedback. Make sure that comments are fair and factual. If there is a dispute, try to resolve the differences before leaving Feedback.
  5. ^^thanks!! I will try entering the item number