Can't leave a Dior boutique empty handed, right??!

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  1. Hi lovely tPFers,

    Finally I can give a little something back, as I especially enjoy all of your reveal threads so much!

    Went to the Dior boutique yesterday. :graucho:
    I have a birthday coming up the end of July and I am going to gift myself a Dior bag I've been eyeing for quite some time now. As I don't want to go in the store on/near my birthday only to find out they do not have the particular bag I'm looking for, decided it was best to kind of place an order so I wouldn't be disappointed. Within minutes of walking into the boutique, I knew I would not be able to leave empty handed! This particular item was also on my wishlist, and why not purchase it now in eager anticipation of my bag?!
    As previous times we had been to the boutique, we had such a great time, also thanks to the fantastic, lovely SA!! Dior has so many gorgeous items, my wishlist only got longer :whistle:

    (LOVE their packaging!)
  2. ....
  3. Voilà; the Diorissimo Envolée wallet in a very light greyish blue (Ciel Bleu) with a kind of pearlized sheen to it, a very beautiful colour!
  4. Shw
  5. The interior is dark grey (Meteorite Grey), it's not quite as dark as it appears in the pic.
  6. It's € 390. Thanks for letting me share! :flowers:
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  7. Very beautiful, love the Ciel Blue, congratulations!
  8. What a lovely color!! I love my Envolée I know you'll enjoy yours as well!!
  9. so many card slots, yet it looks so small! love it!!!
  10. Beautiful wallet and the color is so elegant! Great choice. Enjoy!
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  11. Love the wallet! This is such a beautiful classic color! Enjoy!
  12. Gorgeous! Enjoy it :smile:
  13. Ooh. Very nice. Enjoy your Envolée. I have one as well and it's pretty much the best compact wallet I've ever had! :smile:
  14. Beautiful wallet! I wonder, how heavy are the charms? Are they very substantial or rather light?
  15. I love your new wallet!!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile: