can't keep 'em all...

  1. so. i got the whiskey mandy yesterday and i LOVE it. absolutely a pefect size and proportional for me. BUT i just can't justify the extra $300+ for something that looks better on me (so much freaking better...)

    if i keep the mandy, i'll need to take back my punch tote and probably sell my shoulder tote...

    i'm so conflicted. they could have been such a happy little coach family together...i want it all! :crybaby:

    opinions? support if i have to take one of these babies back?

  2. Well, if the Mandy fits you better I would suggest taking back the Legacy Shoulder. I really love the Punch Tote though, I would keep the Mandy and the Punch Tote! IMO :shrugs:
  3. I am new to the forum but to me, the most practical ones to keep would be the Mandy and/or the other one like it, rather than the Tote. The totes are nice but I find that they are a pain to use constantly as a purse.
  4. I would say if you feel like you need to take one of them back - take back the punch tote, its cute, but you can get the accesories (or you might already have them?) to fill your urge there.

    The leather bags are bound to last longer for style & for the amount of abuse they can take. They will also transition well from one area of life to another...

    An alternate argument may be, if you feel like you've over-extended yourself, take back the Mandy. While it is fantastic, you can get the same effect out of a messenger bag for right now and splurge on the bigger leather bag later on....

    I'm not much help am I? Weigh the cost vs. usefulness... how long do you feel you would be able to use each bag? Could you see taking each of these bags to a job or summer vacation, etc... See what would work best for your lifestyle and potential future lifestyle....

    P.S. - Do you have some other items you could sell that you are not using as much or may have grown out of...? Just another thought. Good luck!
  5. Kallison, I have a great idea! KEEP ALL THREE!!! :devil:

    Seriously, why not? If you love them all, I think you should keep them. How often do you find bags that you absolutely LOVE?
  6. oh, you're EVIL!!!
  7. I know you love the mandy, but, IMO, at $720 or so, it's not a good deal at all from the outlet. You could return the mandy, and wait for the next PCE or wait for a much better deal from the outlet and get it then. The punch tote is just adorable, and very different from the legacy leather so I'd keep that for a bit of variety. Also, since you mentioned that if you keep the mandy, you'd have to get rid of both the shoulder tote and the shoulder bag. If you return the mandy you can keep the other 2 bags instead of having just one. :shrugs: Just my 2 cents. :smile:
  8. keep the mandy & the tote !

    take back the shoulder & buy something else.

    Your fan,
    Cha Cha
  9. i know. $720 is NOT a good deal. but i was saving her from eBay resellers who were being rude as heck.

    so, now, there are two problems: 1)there is NO tag on the mandy. i'm guessing they took off the regular tag and never put on an outlet one. (no outlet stamp either). and 2)i can't return the shoulder bag. i've been using the heck outta it.

    i love the punch. pink is definately MY color (heck, you see that pink bedspread, lol)...but i already have all the accessories. do i need a whole set of punch?
  10. sell the shoulder on eBay & USE the money for more punch accessories!
  11. The biggest problem: once Whiskey is gone, it's gone. There isn't going to be any more. I think you'll seriously regret selling the Whiskey bags. What if you take the punch tote back and pick it up again at the next PCE? You still have all your punch accessories...
  12. Kallison...go with your heart. Which bag can you do without right now? Do what is going to make you happy even if you have to come up with a way to keep all three.

    Can you find some extra work? (this is what I do when I want something extra) It will work out!
  13. Kallison,

    You need to take back the shoulder bag or the punch tote.
    You obviously love the Mandy but I would really take the Mandy
    bag back and wait for a better deal.

    I was able to purchase a black Mandy Leather on eBay for $530.
    I also got the Ali in whiskey on Ebay for $370. I am taking back
    the Legacy shoulder bag in whiskey as I don't think I will use it
    much I will exchange it for the pond one which I hope I like. I tend
    to like brown purses more than any other so either stay with the Mandy
    or try to get it at the next PCE for less or stay with the shoulder bag.
    Let us know what you decide.
  14. Not having a tag on the Mandy isn't a big deal at all. You still have the receipt, right? And since that was very recent, they shouldn't have a problem returning that at all. Also, if you do like the shoulder bag, don't sell it - cause that's not being sold in Whiskey anymore. The Mandy is still offered in whiskey, so that you may be able to buy during the PCE. But if you really like the mandy more than the shoulder bag, you could always ebay the shoulder bag. :confused1:

    As for the punch tote - it is very different from the shoulder bag/mandy and gives a bit of variety in your bags. And it's just darn cute! LOL

    Really though - go with what you really want. Because there's nothing worse than selling/returning something that you end up truly wanting. I know, I've done it before and totally regretted it. :shame: Good luck on your decision! Let us know what you do!
  15. Keep the Mandy and the signature stripe in punch. I love all 3, but you don't need 2 whiskey bags, you like the Mandy's size better, and the punch is so cute.