Can't help myself...

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  1. I think I need to delete my eBay account

    Though in my defence it was brand new and a bit of a bargain! Can't wait to wear it.

  2. Ooh, lovely! You could easily wear it soon Guns - the weather's very weird & can be easily cold enough!
  3. Thanks, the weather is bloody abysmal! I got drenched on Thursday on the way home from work and it was absolutely freezing!
  4. It look comfy and lovely
    Enjoy it
  5. Nice one Guns and a really useful shade combo too. Enjoy!
  6. Good work. I saw that and wondered who got it. It was a bargain too :biggrin:
  7. It's an obsession isn't it? I love the thrill of winning

    Guns are you a 'go in at the last 5 seconds' kinda gal or do you go in and 'bid your max' as soon as you see it and hope for the best?

    Fab purchase
  8. I'm definitely a last minute bidder 😊
  9. Fab scarf Guns, I have that one in grey and it is one of my most used M scarves. You have indeed a good hand at bidding, I always lose the auction!
  10. Thanks ladies, I was very pleased to get it!

    And I do seem to get quite lucky with auctions, you win some you lose some. Lost out on a pink French purse earlier.
  11. My motto too, that's why I go in at the end with my max price - gone are the days where I would chase and keep upping my bid and ending up paying over the odds
  12. Nice one Guns :woohoo: