..cant hear myself think..how to get rid of problem BARKING? and jumping?

  1. my westie though i love him to pieces, has a little problem.. he's a BIG barker. i know in his breed they are watch dogs, and i understand if he's going to bark at dogs, but is there anyway to coax him to not bark at the rabbits and the neighbors and such? he also jumps onto people. i've gotten him to sit before i greet him, but then he just starts all over again.. but i guess another round of obendience classes would round that out? problem is is that i rent out of a house with a family, and the family also loves my dog, but totally disregards my training, so i just sort of stopped with the obedience, when i know i shouldn't have, so i want to just start nipping this in the bud. any advice is great and TIA!!
  2. oh he is also a year old.

    and the funny thing is while i was growing up i trained an assortment of dogs with those same problems. the coin in the canister thing worked wonders for those dogs, but my dog has grown tolerant of it. lol i love how i can control other dogs, but my own.
  3. say "NO BARK" if your dog is very tone sensitive then he will respond to this. Then give him a treat because he isn't barking. Watch for situations when he would usually bark and if he doesnt bark give him a treat.
  4. my dog also sometimes barks at people, but usually i just give him the stare & say his name, "kuro, don't bark"
    and sometimes, i hold him close to me to make him feel safer.
    i think dogs were barking because they're not comfortable with something they don't like to spot.
    after times, he started to understand.
  5. You can also try a spray bottle of water - when the dog barks, give it a spray and say "No". It doesn't hurt them, but most dogs don't like being sprayed!
  6. Aarti- I have a westie too-- He's 3 years old and still barks often, even though he has calmed down a lot since we first got him (like he'll sleep during the day and settle down when we're eating dinner etc)

    One thing we do for barking is squirt him with a squirt gun...we don't really have to use it anymore but when he was younger, it seemed to work well--except during the summer, he liked it because it cooled him off-- we also read somewhere to squirt him with lemon juice but he just liked that and licked it so that didn't exactly work--- sometimes he is just barking for attention so if you just ignore him and keep doing whatever you were doing, he'll stop---

    He also jumps--Actually one time, my friend was over and had on those stretchy elastic pants and my dog jumped up and tugged them down a little! We still make fun of that...

    Anyway, I think he's actually good because I got him during April Vacation so I had him at my house for a week and then I had to go to school, so my Nana (who was a Staff Sargeant in the Marines) basically took care of him for about a month--- I think he learned most of his discipline from her-- he always acts really good when she comes over to visist lol!

    We took him to a obedience class also and it seemed to help with a few things like walking on a leash, being nice to other dogs, sitting, etc....I think the key to training dogs is keeping them trained, example, making sure that every time you throw his ball he sits down first....

    Westies were originally bred for like catching rats and stuff (I'm pretty sure) so they have a tendency (well at least mine does) to run after anything they see (or if they're inside, bark at any squirrel or bird in the yard) so we don't let him go loose at all- he has this 50 ft "run" that we tie him up to and he can do his business--- lol cute story, in the winter, the snow goes up so high that he can't go to the bathroom so my dad has to shovel a path to he can go-- lol

    Allright I think that's everything I was going to say,
    Hope that I helped!!
  7. thanks everyone!! leanne i'll try that thanks!! i never tried the spray bottle for barking, just for some dogs that had a nipping tendency and coating something lightly with bitter apple spray, dont know why i didnt think of that before, thanks again!

    lol same here, i have to dig a pathway and a little courtyard for him to actually move. and yes you're correct, they were bred for those reasons. can you believe that in the olden and not really golden days they use to DROWN white terrier pups becuase they thought they were inferior to the other terriers they raised? only until this man (forgot his name) was a duke i think during hunting shot his favorite pup did he start bredding the early runners up of the westie or roseland terrier so that wouldn't happen again.
  8. Set your Tivo to record the show "Barking Mad" on Animal Planet.

    This is a BBC show featuring pets with problems and how animal behavior experts solve them. There is usually 1 dog per show.

    Watch and learn. You will see how to ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. Then you can learn how to induce good behavior.

    Fun show!