Can't have just one

  1. I got my second LV after a 30 yr hiatus. It was a petite bucket, then a month later a papillon 30. I figured that would be it until a major holiday or my birthday but I find myself wanting another NOW. The are just so addicting. I need to finish paying off some hospital bills but I'r rather have a new bag!
  2. Yea, we're all like that. Well, most of us I think. I am so happy when I get a new bag, but then, after a couple of weeks I'm already thinking about what's coming in next season!!!!
  3. 30 years between bags? I couldn't go 30 days without thinking about a new bag! Congrats on your new addiction!
  4. Its terrible.I'll think that "oh ,this will hold me for awhile".Then the next week I start thinking about another bag.I'm trying to hold off until October when I visit Paris.
  5. Every time I buy a bag, I always tell myself it's my last one!:lol:
  6. same here lvaddict .. a few weeks ago i said the same thing and end up buying 4 new lv's i was sooo guilty afterwards and now i want a muse and a balenciaga ;(
  7. I'm the same way! It's SOOOO addicting!
  8. 30 Years....That Is Amazing! Enjoy All Your New Purchases!
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