Can't go on without PF's opinion.


Dior or Valentino?

  1. Dior

  2. Valentino

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  1. Does anyone ever feel like they always want the PF ladies and gentlemen's opinions. Which sunglasses do you like better? Dior or Valentino?

    The first two photos are Dior.
    The second two are Valentino.
    54_1.JPG.jpg diorhard1yb7sn4.jpg valentino5377q2mv61.jpg valentino5377q2mv64.jpg
  2. I definitely like the Valentinos better! The Dior are a bit too flashy for me. They might work for you though!
  3. The pink on the Dior isn't as bright as in the picture though.
  4. Hehe. I like the Dior ones better but that's just cause I'm feeling flashy tonight :P :lol: But I guess non-stock photos would help me better... oh well they're probably BOTH equally gorgeous IRL anyway :amuse:
  5. ohhhh Minnie,
    that's a hard decision, I'm going to have to go with the Dior, I like the crystals in the centre of the glasses.
  6. You will look really cute in the Dior. You are already beautiful. You will look like a superstar in them!
  7. I like the Valentino's. I love the Dior's but I think the rhinestones there might look wierd on, I don't know, I'd have to see them on.
  8. My vote is for the Valentino. They are gorgeous!! :love:

  9. Agree. Go for the sparkly-adorable Dior, not every girl can pull those off. Stop traffic! :biggrin:

    I think the Valentinos have a harsh/wiry look to them.
    And they look like a bra or is it just me/my eyes? :lol::weird::cool:
  10. Here is a better picture of the diors
  11. Minnie, you are so cute, I think anything you put on would look darling. I just love your photo.
  12. Oh my! Thank you. I am blushing.:shame:
  13. I like the Valentino's, I think the rhinestones are too much
  14. Dior!!! Not everyone can pull them off, but I think that you can. So you should rock it, 'cuz no one else will be able to :biggrin:
  15. I prefer the Valentino glasses.