cant get you outta my head ....

  1. no, i'm not singing the Kylie song - i just cant get a bag out of my mind and i dont think i can find it - so i'm asking for your help!:crybaby:

    Its a baby stam (or a kid, not sure which) in a metallic kind of purple colour? Its sooooo pretty .... any one know where i can get one?

    I would love it and give it SUCH a great home :heart::yes:
  2. Is it patchwork or elastic quilted? Patchwork came in metallic purple and elastic quilted came in plum. If it's the patchwork, it might be harder to find since it's from the spring season.
  3. You know what - i just looked at the stam piccys in the reference library and its not a baby - i think its full size. But its def metallic purple in colour. sigh.
  4. lol i think she's talking about the stam that devinesgirl has, i have that bag in the venetia and it's lovely. It's lovely....but it's rare to find that bag in the stam or venetia....i've seen it once on eBay and it was when devinesgirl sold hers
  5. Net-a-porter has the Mariah in the metallic purple. It's on sale too. I posted a thread about it a few hours ago. Check it out.:heart:
  6. yep - thats the colour ... i just am not big on that mariah style (possibly cause its called maria, but who knows) sigh - ill put it on my wishlist! :angel:
  7. Have you tried calling a MJ boutique? You'll have to pay full price but they might be the only store that has them left. Good luck!