Can't get on let-trade website

  1. Is anyone else not able to get on their website? :crybaby:
  2. Neither do I. I'm in Asia and you're in USA so I guess, error is from their site
  3. And I'm in Canada and can't get on!
  4. I can't get on either...
  5. I just now got on and I am in the USA. Maybe they fixed the problem.
  6. I am able to log on too.
  7. i cant get on either. maybe they are updating or something.
  8. Works for me.

    Maybe their webhost is having issues?
  9. In Canada...can't get on either
  10. No joy in the uk either:sad:
  11. I can get on to it now:tup:
  12. wat is their website addy???
  13. just tried and its not working!
  14. I can't get on :crybaby: