Can't get my grandson to eat

  1. We have tried most everything we can think of, he is 3 yo and just refuses to TRY anything. He went through a phase where he would only eat chicken nuggets and fries, until my Son said they were all out at the store. He will eat a grilled cheese, toast, bacon, chips, pizza rolls, pizza, and crackers. He will literally sit for an hour at the table and not eat a thing but is hungry. The dr says he will eat when he is hungry but he WON'T. We don't want to make meal time unpleasant for him and create food issues but he is not eating healthy and his parents and us are at our whits end trying to figure out ways to get him to eat.

    He won't take a vitamin even the gummy ones, dil has decided to go back to the liquid vitamins and put them in juice. He won't eat most any candy, a few M & M's and Hershey kisses. They give him all the milk and juice (V8) he can drink and he drinks alot of it as well as water, just trying to get some nutrients into him.

    Anybody had a severely picky eater and accomplish getting them to start eating?
  2. Uh...I'm quite sure when he's actually hungry, and realizes that you guys aren't backing down, he'll eat what you put in front of him.
    I never understood this. When T would refuse to eat, I'd say, fine, don't eat. He'd come to me a couple of hours later and tell me he's ready to eat what we prepared for him.
  3. He's probably full up on the juice and milk. I don't know how much is "all he can drink" but I would probably limit it a bit until he starts eating some solid food. I agree with Charles if you don't make food an issue they'll eat when they're hungry. If food is a constant struggle a child that age may not eat to simply win the battle.

    Also children that age are natural grazers and prefer small snacks they can "eat on the run" as opposed to meals. When Lil Max was that age I would keep all sorts of snack foods handy for him- veggie tray with dip in fridge - snack plates of cut up cheese, meat, and crackers in the fridge- peel and eat fruit leather in pantry- celery with peanut butter- fresh cut up fruit in a bowl in the fridge.....etc. The key is to have small plates of these foods available in their reach. Small children LOVE stuff they can dip, small portions, and visually appealing foods.

    There's no written law that children need to eat traditional meals. They can eat a healthy, balanced diets with just a few mini snacks throughout the day.
  4. check out the kitchen forum, this was a hot topic when discussing jessica seinfeld's new book.
  5. I wouldn't say he drinks excessivley but always has juice, water or milk available. He is my grandson so I am more inclined to try to give him what he wants and I know that is not helping as I need him to eat or at least try other foods as well but I don't want to be the bad guy. I always try things I know he would like if he would just put 1 bite in his mouth.

    I will go check out the kitchen forum as well bagaholic and see what I can find.

    I am wondering if it is just a battle of wills at this point.
  6. I agree. Adding vegetable purees to the foods he normally likes, may be the solution.
  7. my youngest cousin was like that, so I fully understand your concern. I don't think those who say that he will eat when he's hungry fully understands what you're dealing with here. My cousin was always very small, most likely because of his lack of interest towards food. He's now 15 years old, and he's still very small for his age, but I'm afraid I can't remember if any of the things my aunt and uncle tried to increase his appetite actually helped (my uncle is a dr) He just slowly started eating more as he grew up, but he's still not one to wolf down his food like his siblings. I remember my aunt giving him lots of full fat milk etc, to make sure he got some nutrition.
  8. OMG my neice was almost just like this!! That child is utterly disgusted by andy but she will eat grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, spaghetti, fruit and tomatoes and that's it. What we did was say now if u try this, I'll give you a bite of (whatever she liked) but we started with foods we pretty much thought she would like so that she would be trusting... so nowshe has expanded to the whole salad, brocolli, most breakfast foods, and a few other things.
  9. I think it's important to make fruits and veggies FUN for kids. Nicole (my cousin, who is 4.5) doesn't like to really eat fruit, but when she is here with us, it's important to me that she gets some nutritional things too. Setting down a plate of peas in front of her just doesn't work...neither does setting down a sliced apple. Make it fun!! Give them a little bit of peanut butter or apple dip and let them decorate their apples! Nicole gets a few raisins, 2 or 3 M&Ms (for color, lol) and goes to town...she enjoys it :smile:

    Also, kids won't always try and like things by the first offering...Give him time! And don't always set down the same stuff in front of him. Give him choices and variety!

    Yes...the child will eat when he's hungry, you just have to let him get hungry first!
  10. When I was young I had a cousin who wouldn't hardly eat anything, but as he got older he started eating everything. His grandmother who was my great aunt was telling me how he just started eating and I couldn't believe it because I remembered when he didn't hardly eat anything.
  11. I was a picky eater when I was little. I wasn't allowed to leave the dinner table unless I ate what my mother made for me. Period. There were times when I would sit for a good 2 hrs, but it did the trick!
  12. Unless his weight is dropping or he is in too low a ratio of weight to height, he is eating plenty. There is no reason to make him sit or make mealtimes unpleasant. In most cases, unless there is an unusual medical condition, a child will eat when he is hungry. Too many people assume a child needs to eat something at a scheduled time and give in to food demands for less healthy options.

    I'd have him evaluated by a dr. As long as he is healthy and is maintaining a good weight, he is eating as much as he needs. Offer him what you prepared for meals and don't become a short-order cook to accomodate his demands. He will eat when he needs to.
  13. My daughter is 13 and has been a vegetarian most of her life. She eats fries, basically potatos, noodles, canned veggies, PBJ, and salad. The Dr told me if she isnt losing weight she is fine.

    Will he eat PBJ? How about making a game out of it? I saw on Martha, of course, where she cut a sandwich up with a cookie cutter and made a puzzle out of it. So maybe if you could make some games out of it that may help.

    I wonder if you put a jar of icky baby food on the table and said if you dont eat your PBJ then you will have to eat the baby food...if that may work. I have learned that bribery works well for anything too LOL!!
  14. I feel for you. It's tough when they don't eat.
    I agree, finger foods are the way to go... my daughter is two and likes almost anything that she can pick up. She wats with a fork and spoon too, but I think they still prefer to pick things up at this age.

    Have you tried to get him to eat those cutie tangerines? They are so, so good! My daughter just loves them. she'll eat a whole one and ask for more.

    Also maybe try edamame?
  15. When my cousin was a toddler, he would only eat Cheerios. He ate them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He went through so many boxes that my aunt sent in all the proof of purchase stamps and got like 10 free Cheerioes t-shirts! :lol: They let him eat like this because otherwise he wouldn't eat at all, and eventually he grew out of it. I feel bad for him though because now he is 24 and engaged to be married, yet whenever we have a family gathering, everyone always gives him Cheerios! My grandma always says, "You like Cheerios though!" and his response is, "Yes. When I was three!"

    Anyway, I would give him as much of what he will eat as possible. He should grow out of it.

    I remember an episode of "Who's the Boss?" right now. There was some dialogue at the breakfast table that went something like this:

    Tony: Here's your breakfast kids.
    Jonathan: I don't like eggs. Isn't there something else?
    Tony: Yeah, hunger.