Can't get motivated!

  1. I have a gym membership that I pay $30 a month for and I haven't been in at least 3 months. My boyfriend is a personal trainer and I still can't seem to get myself to the gym. The only time I ever went regularly was when I had a friend to go with so we could motivate eachother (if anyone in Boca Raton needs a workout buddy I'm your girl! :biggrin: ), but now I don't have anyone to work out with.

    What motivates you?

    Thanks for any ideas!
  2. Im totally with you! I have 0 motivation mainly because I have no one to workout with. Too bad I'm in So. Cal. :sad:
  3. i need a workout buddy too high school i was fitness crazy and would wake up at 5 to go to the gym, but now that i've gained all this weight i have no motivation to go to the gym, plus i get bored/lonely....i have a bally membership but haven't gone in months.....
  4. I know how you feel. I always make excuses about not exercising... the weather is bad, I'm tired, I have no ipod to listen to music. (I have one now and still not exercising). I'm really going to do it this time. Just gotta find good shoes.
  5. Sorry - can't help you with motivation tips since I am in the same situation. My workout buddy's schedule changed so she can only go to the gym during the day when I am at work. This happened around Christmas time and I haven't gone once by myself since then. I need to just suck it up and go!
  6. what motivates me is knowing that what i am doing is going to help me in the long run. i also work with senior citizens, and i am so motivated when i see women in their 70s and 80s who still run, cook, shop, hang out with their (great)grandchildren. I want to be like them! i want a happy and long life that is filled with love, occupations i enjoy, and by thinking of that, i want to work out!

    Also pics of nicole ritchie may help LOL :smile:
  7. does your gym offer any cool classes like kick boxing or body sculpt? if so, maybe trying something new will motivate you. i think that as you build up strength, stamina and confidence, you'll find yourself wanting to work out just so you can continue to improve. i find running with upbeat music really helps as well - apples itunes has tons of great selections for purchase - good luck!
  8. I totaly understand you as I also tend to find excuses......I m too tired after work, I´m sick, I´d rather do shopping, I´ll go tomorrow bc tonight I have my Tv show/laundry to do/internet research (purseforum ;) / etc.........
    BUT I also noticed that the most difficult is the barrier to GET THERE, bc once I am there I realise that sweating on a machine can be encouraged by :

    - your fav music on your IPod (Super important !)
    - the TVs around with a cool serie on (I go at the time of "the OC")
    - maybe there are inspiring people around like the healthy old women, the handsome men ;) the toned girls
    - you can get a new trendy gym outfit (the latest Nike collection is TDF)
    - alternate with some classes sometimes (pilates, yoga, aerobic, dance, kick boxing...) so you re not bored by the same routine
    - and I get a boost energy level after work actually, often the headache caused by some stress or frustration or too much thinking disapears.....
    - I am in a good mood afterwards, proud of myself and when you exercise you produce that "hormone of happyness" (or whatever it is :smile:
    - and after 2-3 weeks you start seeing physical results, and that takes you to the next level !
    - and once you started exercising regularly, you really don´t feel like wasting all that with junk food, so it goes hand in hand, sporty and healthy !

    I hope it helps, we should all have a computer plugged on our stepping machine so we can motivate each other while sharing opinions on bags !!
  9. i love the way i feel right after i finish a work out.. its such an accomplishment for me (since i hate hate hate hate HATE working out) seriously, i would pay someone to do it for me if i could..
  10. I don't even feel that great after I finish working out- I just do it so I can fit into my clothing comfortably! Sad, I know!
  11. envisioning a tight body this summer is my motivation!