Can't get Manhattan GM out of my mind...

  1. I'm now obsessed. :graucho: I had a dream about the Manhattan GM the other night after trying it on at the Seattle LV boutique at our amazing tPF meeting! I loved it even more than I imagined. I have to get it by year's end. At the very least it'll be an early big 4-0 b-day present to myself :drool: :drool:

    For those of you who own it, is it an everyday bag or special occasion or something else? How long did you obsess before taking the plunge?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Welcome to obsessing
    I obsessed over this bag for the longest before I got it. At the time --to me-- it was the most beautiful thing ever made.

    I don't save it for special occassions. I wear it whenever. It is a bit heavy though.
  3. Ah, it's the same with me and the GM! Both are absolutely stunning bags! I plan on getting the GM before the year's end as well. Luck to both of us! ;)
  4. I am in love with my Manhattan GM. I have used it everyday for the past two months since I bought it. Now that I have a few more bags I do give her a day off now and then.

    I saw it on the LV site after watching Marc Jacobs on Oprah and knew I had to have it. I only had one LV (Alma) and promised myself I would save up before buying it...but I travelled back home to Edmoton (even bringing a super small suitcase so I couldn't buy it) but I looked at it in the store and wanted it instantly (especially since it was less $ than I thought).

    So, one Visa purchase later, she was mine. My poor alma had to go home in my suitcase stuffed with clothes. It was worth every penny.
  5. Have you ever find out how much the Manhattan GM weights? I don't mean "heavy" or "kinda Heavy". I mean, exact pound.
  6. Good question! I tried it on wearing a turtleneck sweater and camel hair peacoat. Granted it was empty but it didn't seem heavy but it does have a definite heft and presence...part of its appeal!

    Someday she'll be mine :drool: :heart:
  7. LOL it is STUNNING bag:smile:
  8. I know exactly what you are going through....I just purchased one tonight. I have been in love with that bag for months and finally caved and did it. Although, I did it through eBay but it was described as new and looked wonderful. It sure is a beautiful bag. :biggrin:
  9. i used to prefer the Manhattan PM, and got that first. but then after trying it on in the store about a month ago i fell in love with it, and when a good deal on a mint one finally came along i bought it :biggrin: it's a beautiful bag, and it's more for everyday use because of its size.
  10. I'm starting to fall for the Manhattan GM too... i think its a gorgeous bag~~
  11. I have the Manhattan GM and love it! I have the red groom scarf tied to it right now! I also got my initials heat stamped on the front strap! In guess it's mine forever now! :smile:
  12. It IS a gorgeous bag! :yes: Though I think it will look huge on me, plus it DOES seem kinda heavy. :P So if I were to choose, I'll get the PM for myself. :P But since you are so obsessed on the GM and if it works for you, go get it, gurl! :yes:
  13. It's an every day bag for me and I find it VERY versatile. I use it to go to meetings, son's hockey games, travel, etc. It's heavy BUT not THAT heavy.:wlae:
  14. I agree. It has some weight to it but no different than shoulder bags I've had in the past.
  15. i am obsessing over this bag as well but i won't be able to get it till next year. :crybaby: i used to dislike this bag and prefer the PM. however, when I tried the PM in store, it just didn't look right. it's not heavy at all when empty but it could get pretty heavy when stuffed, just like any other bag.