can't get fake dentelle off my mind

  1. I went shopping a few days ago for some home accessories and I spotted a woman carrying a dentelle bag from afar. I haven't seen one up close so I decided to very casually walk buy her. While I was pretending to shop for toilet paper holders(HEHEHE)I saw that it was a Lockit Horizontal with the lace silk screened over the monogram and the handles and bottom were a very light vachetta.:wtf:
    I didn't want to post this sighting because usually when I spot a fake I just shake my head and move on. BUT I can't get this one out of my head!
    Hopefully now that I have posted this I can forget about it!:noggin:
  2. ewww... so sorry you had to witness that.
    Put on some music and dance it off! :jammin:
  3. Wow, there's nothing these fakers won't fake!
  4. eww
    i saw fake dentelles all the way back in january (they were released in march) in markets when i was in malaysia. They were in completely random styles, with pale 'leather' trimmings. I was alredy on the waitlist for dentelle at this point so seeing them really stuck with me.
  5. :s so bad, I even see Ribera Mini Mongram Dentelle today :shocked: Oh my...
  6. I saw one on ebay and it was sooo nasty.
  7. Yuck!
  8. ewww!:wtf:
  9. :lecture:awful isn't it?
  10. thats just wrong. i saw a really bad fake today too. it was in the shape of a CB retro but was leopard print and multi colour and had the worst orange colour "vachetta".
  11. :throwup: