"can't get enough of caramel/camel" thread

  1. i'm falling in love with caramels and camels...
    anyone who's owner of a caramel/camel from any season, please post your pics here :p
    i wanna drool for some more and more.
    here's my caramel '05 weekender and caramel '02 fb classique
  2. Love those bags sea!!!!!!:love: I am a huge fan of caramel/camel too! I have to find my pictures and then I'll post my caramel bag!!!!
  3. FW '06 camel
  4. Here's a pic of my caramel '03 (I no longer own the turq.'04 Bbag)

  5. bal newbie, love ur twiggy... the color is pretty...
    and zacorey, that caramel '03 is TDF!!! the leather looks so thick and squishy!!! and with the silver harware too :drool:
  6. Mmmmmhhhhhhhhh yummy :drool: :drool: :drool: I L:heart: VE both of your caramels seahorse.... :love: could just eat them ;) !! Thank you very much for the beautiful pic and sharing it :flowers:
  7. thank u firstclass1 :p
    i really hope more people with caramels and camels participate, i want to see more and more :yes:
  8. My 05 caramel purse and family.....

  9. LoriB, it's so classy. and :heart: ur coin purse too :p
  10. Lori~ I love the caramel '05 bag you have!!!!!!:love: I hope to one day find this color in a work!!!!!!!

    Does anyone think the argyle color is pretty?
  11. never seen argyle IRL, but from LP's blog i think i like it..
    have u seen it zac?
  12. i love this thread...yum..yum
  13. Actually, seahorseinstripes, it's a part time, but twiggy is next when i can figure out what color.....decisions....
  14. No~ but I can't wait to see it! I hope it's stunning!!!!!! Fingers crossed!
  15. ^^ mmmmmmm, luscious caramel :drool:

    p.s. i had one for a day & sold it :push: