Can't forget, so still bought it

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  1. Berlingot PM in rasin epsom

    Pretty enjoy the H quality even in this ordinary style :tup:


  2. Hi

    Many congratulations. Lovely handbag, and Raisin is so beautiful. Epsom really takes the dyes well. I love the H on the strap too. Enjoy this lovely piece in good health.


  3. Very pretty - love the raisin color!
  4. I like your bag very much, congrats! It would be one of the bags that I would want to own before I'm done. Enjoy!
  5. Love the color!! Enjoy!
  6. It's beautiful; congratulations!!!
  7. Wow... that is one delicious looking purse & colour... congrats!
  8. great color. I love it
  9. Beautiful -- such a rich color in epsom!
  10. It looks darker when it is not under the sunlight.
  11. That color is devine!
  12. Thank you!

    I learned this style is discontinued. Ask your SA to search for it if you are interested in getting one. But I was told it may be specially ordered in the furture.
  13. Rasin mmmmmmmm
  14. Lovely!! :nuts:

    Congratulations! :yahoo:
  15. oh, gosh that is a beautiful bag! congrats!