Cant Forget My Fellow Man : The Bafta Awards

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  6. DAME Helen Mirren was crowned Queen of the BAFTAs last night - after turning the air royal blue.

    She swore on live TV before the start of the glittering ceremony - blurting out the F-word as she was interviewed on the red carpet.​

    Sky presenter Matt Smith had joked about a previous time she used bad language and warned her that Sky News was a channel "where people don't swear".
    But Dame Helen, 61, oblivious to the fact she was on air, blurted out: "Where people don't swear? - F***ing nutbag!"
    Smith spluttered: "You've just done it again." Horrified, she replied: "Is it live? I'm sorry - I do apologise.

    "That was an appalling thing to do. It was a joke and I take it back."
    Later Dame Helen wept as she dedicated her Best Actress Award for her portrayal of Her Majesty in The Queen to veteran actor Ian Richardson, who died this week aged 72.

    Her voice faltering, she said: "When I started out as an actress he was so generous and became a mentor and supporter.
    "He believed in me and therefore in believed in myself. This is for Ian. I wouldn't be here it it wasn't for him."

    In a lighter moment she thanked her voice coach for "making me sound less like Barbara Windsor and more like Elizabeth Windsor".
    She added: "I would also like to thank the corgis."

    Dame Helen's award - she was 1-33 odds on favourite - came as Bond flick Casino Royale was sensationally snubbed. Tipped for nine BAFTAs it picked up just one, in the Sound category. New 007 Daniel Craig lost out to Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland. Whitaker won his first ever BAFTA ahead of Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Griffiths and Peter O'Toole.
    He tearfully dedicated his award to his grandmother, who died two days ago. The film was also named the Outstanding British Film and Best Adapted Screenplay.

    The Queen, Little Miss Sunshine, United 93 and Children of Men each got two BAFTAs.
    George Miller picked up Best Animated Film for Happy Feet. And French beauty Eva Green, 26, collected the Orange Rising Star award for her smouldering role in Casino Royale.
    She responded to her win in typical French fashion saying: "Wow, oh la la, la la."

    Alan Arkin won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Little Miss Sunshine, which also won an award for Original Screenplay.

    Paul Greengrass won Best Director for 9-11 drama United 93.
    Stars at the do at London's Royal Opera House included Penelope Cruz, Ken Russell, Toni Collete, Dame Judi Dench, Sarah Harding and Thandie Newton and Kate winslet.

    But there were also a number of big no-shows, including DiCaprio, Arkin, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Hudson.

    Kylie Minogue, recently dumped by boyfriend Olivier Martinez, was greeted by a huge cheer as she appeared on stage to present one of the awards.

    Top comic Ricky Gervais got one of the biggest laughs of the night when he said of presenter Jonathan Ross: "He nicked Stephen Fry's job - at least the Americans knew who he was."​
  7. Thank you!Cute pictures!
  8. thank you for this... I wouldn't have a clue about what was going on back home if you hadn't posted!
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  10. I see some of them and what they're wearing and just go "OH DEAR". Look at sienna! i mean, granny hair and bedsheets??

  11. Oh ! happy too oblige. :yes:
  12. I think Sienna looks great, I feel so sorry for kylie after all she has been through! Helen Mirren should have more digntiy for a woman of her age using the F word is not smart or cool!
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    Thandie Newton
    Emily Watson
  14. Thank you Prada for posting all of that! Great pix! My anglophilian heart just skipped a beat. I saw some of the BAFTAs on BBC America the other night. I thought it was so cool that Daniel Craig got recognition for James Bond (Casino Royale)! Why can't the Oscars be that cool? (RANT ALLERT!) "Spider-Man" broke records left and right and IMO, is a great film! I laughed, I cried... Why couldn't Tobey get some love from the Oscars? Why couldn't James Remar get a nod for his portrayal of Ajax in "The Warriors"!!?? Okay, if not "The Warriors", then for Dutch Schultz in "The Cotton Club"!?!?!? I don't even think I can take the Oscars seriously anymore. Peter O'Toole's been nominated eight times yet has no Oscar. But, Marisa Tomei (sp!) has one!?:wtf: How could Angela Bassett NOT win for "What's Love Got To Do With It?" Oh, I dunno!:confused1: Can't take toothpaste on an airplane? Women on television competing for the "love" of Flavor Flav? FLAVOR FLAV!?!? (End of rant. Thanx for listening).
  15. Thanks for stopping by Katgrrrrl :heart: