Can't find this Coach Purse!

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  1. I've been trying to find the Coach Silver/Light Khaki/Platinum Groovy purse for almost 2 months now. My BF tried to get it for me for Christmas but it stayed on back order forever and then finally went out of stock. I called Coach and they had no more left and had no intentions of making more of that color.

    I'm devistated, I really wanted that purse and BF tried hard to get it. He saved for weeks to get it for me. I have been checking eBay regularly in hopes of still finding it new w/o luck.

    Has anyone seen it at the outlets? Is there anywhere else I should try? Most places I have found to order from online seem shady.

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  2. i think i saw this groovy at the San Marcos outlet this morning but i dont think they will do a charge send. If you live in TX maybe you can do a charge hold. Good Luck!
  3. I saw them at the outlet recently also. You may try Macys. I saw one not a week ago in their clearance. They might be able to find one in another store for you.
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    I'm actually 2 hours away from San Marcus, TX. I don't know if I will be able to make it in time though! I won't be able to try the outlet until spring break, maybe. The purse often is mistaken for the regular brass/khaki/gold version though. That one has the teal/blue interior lining.

    Edited to add: I called the SM outlet and they are only recieving the Sv/Khaki/Magenta style. I have tried Macy's & Dillard's weekly and the SA claim they never even recieved that color initially.
  5. Sorry - I think it is the wrong one
  6. I contacted the seller to see if he/she can post the actual pics. The description describes the khaki/gold but the pic is the light khaki/platinum! Thank you everyone for the tips and help tho! Its a good start since I have come up with nothing on my own!
  7. I'm pretty sure that I saw one at Macy's in Oak Brook IL last week. If they still have it, I'm sure they could ship it to you. You could also try some other dept stores that sell coach, like Nordstrom.
  8. I don't have a Nordstrom or TJ Maxx nearby, but is there more than one Macy's in Oak Brook IL? I'll try and call tomorrow. I'm just afraid to give my credit card # over the phone. I'm checking the Macy's website now tho just in case!
  9. Crap that eBay listing was infact the Khaki/gold Groovy!
  10. There's only one Macy's, at oakbrook center.
  11. I'm sorry about the auction - hope you find it soon!
  12. There's a separate Macy's furniture store in the village of Oak Brook, but there's only one Macy's department store in Oak Brook Center Mall (see below). I'm not 100% sure that I saw the bag you are looking for but I think so - I like groovys and that bag caught my eye because I had never seen one like it before.

    Macy's Oakbrook
    1 Oak Brook CenterOak Brook, IL 60523
  13. Katev--I followed up on your lead but the SA said they didn't have that color. Its possible that you saw the khaki/gold, its very similar except for the interior. Thank you for posting the # & info, it helped not having to look for it!

    Most likely I won't find it unless its a customer return, but at this point thats a stretch. I'm going to go visit my local Macy's & Dillard's just in case today. Wish me luck!
  14. Sorry for the false lead, I hope that you get lucky soon!